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    19 мая
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  1. hey man you have problem with bitcoin again or what ? its steel not working and site is so slow man
  2. bro can you check bitcoin transactions its not working good
  3. hey brian when site is gone work it say gateway error
  4. the site is not working good when you gone fix
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    hey man whats going on with btc transactions all money stock its we spending money to buy some staffs not wait 2 3 days man i send tiket its steel ignored if btc not working tell peoples not deposit true btc
  6. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    bro whats going on with site i cant login thanks

    is anybody know new site for stuff academy
  8. do you know when this site is gone work
  9. one of the best stores high validity
  10. hey bros this site is bullshit he selling not refundable staffs with 99% valid rate but ther 80% is bad so be carefull with this site Добавлено через 16 минут 18 секунд yea bro more than half of this site staffs is trash always no refund for new staffs but ther all bad