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    6 марта
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  1. need french (FR) bank drop

    hi , i need french bank drop for getting sepa (big volume can be done) send your jabber in pm
  2. Originally Posted by y0uMan I PM Americans ? do you think i care who gonna use ur services ? do u think i dont have nothing more to do ? let admin check my PM box i will not delete any single msg , then it will by again good proof for me and for all forum , that ur words and your excuses are 0 worthy as i see now. I dont have nothing to hide i will repeat again. That is dictionary mistakes, I was writing you post me negatIive reputation for don't care if get bannew or not , and here you banning me , so I don't know how it gets typed American
  3. Originally Posted by y0uMan planet9 that's why , i give all proofs to admin. You don't give any proof that You did not ripped me , before you said that whats in the screenshot u you are the only one who speaks allot now about "that you dont have time ,that you making good business , that you dont write much in forum in your topic and you making very good works" This is only "words" the guys who just register in forum and post that he is legit honest WU seller should i believe his words that he is great seller or hacker ? Bro! My proofs speaks them self Добавлено через 1 минуту 31 секунду https://gyazo.com/0c140d0975e4affec61c11ed68aa0032 Добавлено через 54 секунды Listen , I am not saying I don't have time , read carefully , I said I wasnt get much time to be post here from the day of mule registration till I writed much these days now for this topic, you saying you respect me simultaneously ou PM American about banning me , just specific about your mind , I am still specific
  4. Originally Posted by y0uMan planet9 i always ready to show u proofs true TM if you want , i dont have nothing to hide , is not about other's maybe when ur jabber was hacked or what ever it was he just waited for good offer like mine , think about it. am not screeming like a girl just trying to explain everything and whit my big respect to you planet9 , u never ask my to show u the proofs on tm thats making all us confused. Why would I ask you, I have not done anything wrong, even that you have proof everything , why would I see it if I had not done that, , I am getting very ver y good works , even I don't gets time to post here , I had not updated my post or much writes here that much that I had writed here from the date my of my registration
  5. Originally Posted by y0uMan how many times you can say the same ?? i did not need to get the chat whit your jabber , we made agree you cashout for my 5 psc china dumps with knowing balance on them and then what happen ? Planet9 stop defending like a kid , i respect you planet9 that's should i make black list about people who recommend to try ur services ? maybe is them fault ? admin told me he soon make decision , i will also still dont want to put the video then all people will know 100% who u are planet9 , but i respect you and i respect mak. lets wait . Listen brother, I did not said that you need to do that, but I need to know that exactly what happened , I know that may be some one ripped you , but why only you, I got many suppliers , still working from the same jabber , no complaints , so I am just confused bro,
  6. Originally Posted by tatoo46 still no topic update ? There is only one thing I am concerned, how he y0uman gets in to chat history with my jabber , nothing else I am concerned, and here people don't respect lost of months hard work just one confusion and let's banned that one , let's make some one down is enjoyable
  7. Originally Posted by mant if planet9 is legit vendor he will resolve this problem . No its not about legit or honesty, some body just knock you and show you chat history and say pay me my money back , here things are very different, if they can show chat history with my jabber id , so in future I don't think so jabber will be safe , or I don't know exactly what to say ,only one thing I know is that some body wants my service to go down , but only on this forum I am facing these issues , not any other forums ,
  8. Originally Posted by y0uMan planet9 is dirty casher Instead of wasting time , send what mak asked for, why you are talking much , just proof that and band me here if I had done something wrong , don't keep talk only
  9. Ok, from now on talk to mak , if you spam here I will tell mak to ban you , if you are right then have patience, you will get justice, but do not keep bark here
  10. Originally Posted by y0uMan he has also black list in fraud forum Добавлено через 20 секунд https://shitty-forum I know what have you done , playing games, that jabber is real but that talks is not real , and why suddenly in 2 days , only 2 people paid me just like that , in 2 days every one wants to pay me , and wants to buy dumps pin , which I never said I am selling, making please look after this topic
  11. Originally Posted by y0uMan me ? not lying you can see my black list. for me u are big big ripper You making good step , but this will not make any sense to me, why would I talk to admin , you saying you lost your money prove admin , and I don't know why you are silent if some one ripped you , talk to mak
  12. Originally Posted by Qq planet9, give me my moneynback Talk to admin , prove him . You lying that all I know ,
  13. I never said that my account is hacked, only in this forum 3 users saying same thing , so I am confused that is why I said for some time I will not work through that jabber for people who are dying to send me money just like that you idiot. And I had already informed admin, he said he will look after this topic
  14. I am getting it exactly why suddenly people who never talk to me and suddenly started dealing me and sended me such big amounts, without any reasons, I never mentioned anywhere I sell dumps pins or anything
  15. All users pls stop dealing me at planet9@sj.ms , I repeat pls stop dealing me at planet9@sj.ms, I don't know exactly it's hacked or not , but people complaining about they had chat me here , and I never spoke to them , I never asked money first , I never sell dumps pin , I repeat I don't sell dumps pins or any thing , pls stop dealing on that jabber till I update here next jabber , you can PM me here for anything till then