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    29 сентября
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  1. Be carefull people Evilgenius (Buycc.ru. Ru) Are big scammers just read above and you Will see no one is happy with hes service cause he ripp all people . RIPPERS CERTIFIED. -1 For being a ripper . Thank You !
  2. Originally Posted by TAPSTER Lol This nigga is a clown suck a fat dick u and ya shop talking bout respect rules nigga respect ya jaw 1. Learn to talk will help you really in life , and also respect rules . Thank you. Originally Posted by cloakndagger its very funny that I tried to use and they said decline then I come back online and they say approved in checker. I dont check but your dumps are all dead when go instore. I dont know why you think people dont know what they are doing. If I go to instore and it says decline but checker says good wtf. I am in the field trying but online works? I can tell you I am not new to this game, it just sucks that you think you know everything but you dont if I buy from you and it does not work instore it is no good no matter what you checker says. You always say your dumps are good no need to check but then they are decline what then? I can tell you bro your dumps are not what you say they are. Your grade for bad dumps is F-. You talk a good game but your dumps are ASS!!! TRUE STORY. 1. How did checker give DEAD ? for the 8 other dumps ? & 21 LIVE ? 2. Try2Check Ripper ? --------- Closed , Thank you.
  3. created ticket. bought 2 cards 0 result . 1 card gave code 04 stolen card was my first purchase and got stolen code lol very good impression now i will se how he will handle ,y ticket will update you guys: nickname in shop dizvar::