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    27 февраля
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  1. 1. PC>>эмулятор>>double, quatro vpn+можно добавить соксы>>месенджер. 2. Если труба то только через VPN
  2. jesus gest in time,because i have him in jabber now bye
  3. when you are online? 2month waith,i will become old
  4. Hi man SPR do you have italy CC?thank you
  5. feshop it's reseller,so after the CC die or canno't make purchase Amex it's such sensitive CC,do no't use,they close the CC in no time
  6. which domain work's now unicc.at or unicc.mn?thank you
  7. do you have italy good CC?prices?

    high prices italy CC,where you hi this CC from bank?or from spamm,fake login,fake mail?
  9. the same looking for a good new shop CC end honest if cc it's dead refud
  10. let me know if you have Italy CC,with you'r market link???