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    28 сентября
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  1. Lol This nigga is a clown suck a fat dick u and ya shop talking bout respect rules nigga respect ya jaw
  2. learn to not sell stolen dumps ::::you always talking about rules rules rules:::i a, not newbie in this game:::and number 1 rule suppose to be do not sell freqking stolen dumps there is no way that you have fresh base and i can get stolen code:::::that ,eans you are selling old sold dumps::i dont care for my 100 but PEOPLE DO NOT BUY DMPS FROM THIS RAT////YOU ARE NOT EVEN RIPPER YOU ARE SNITCH BECAUSE SELLING STOLEN CARDS AND NOT REFUNDING IT SAYING THAT YOU HAVE RULES ONLY SNITCH CAN DO THINGS LIKE THAT BUT NEVER SERIOUS SELLER..... NOW IF YOU ARE A MAN REFUND MY MONEY OTHRWISE STICK IT IN YOUR ASS p.S. i dont know why and zho is deleting my messages about this rat.....but if you delete it 1 more time that means you are supporting this faggot:::::i have screenshots of this post so go ahead and delete it 1 more time