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    25 сентября
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  1. Originally Posted by justnownow I am not getting it with VALIDDCC lately, buy cards in less than 24hrs cards dead even before you use. I do not bother to use the Validdcc inbuilt checker or any checker, I just buy the cards and contact bank directly to find out the balance. Just after 24hrs of buying the cards before I could use, somebody else had already used them. I first thought my VALIDDCC account was compromised until I have to change my password and the same thing happened again. Unlike before where one can leave purchased cards for days or week, but now it seems bought cards are being resold or something, I am not getting it anymore. All my 6 bought CCS dead in less than 24hrs. You should look into this, it makes no sense for somebody to expensive cards and money is wasted. Remember you are not only spending on CCs also Setup, RDPs, Socks, and many more. If one keep burning his setup due to resold CCs to others before you even use it after purchase, very soon one will be out of business and wont be able to spend money on your shop anymore. Support is not even helping matters. They don't reply messages. there is a leak on the site not from validcc . the cards are published in public after purchase . hope they will fix it soon .