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    18 июля
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  1. I have been calling you ICQ: 186664, has not responded to what reason, you do not use this number?
  2. Please repair your inspection system as soon as possible, my invalid dump can not be returned, and you ticketing contact you did not reply, did not solve my returned problem?
  3. Brother: goswipe this store has been unable to connect, you have his new domain name?
  4. WWW.HUSTLER.STYLE | What's wrong with your new domain name?
  5. I need you, pay close attention to work, if it is always closed, please inform

    Why is the store is not always connected, you are not always closed,
  7. this shop, who knows what time he is a few updates? Now I have a very long time to control his every update, forget to know when the brothers told to update, thank you
  8. Now why the update was not notified, for whatever reason
  9. will track 2, dump+pin work if I write it to chipless card, then goto chip atm? Or, will they cancel?

    Unable cart: Please store your quick fix

    Good brother, waiting for you a long time, you are welcome to come back Добавлено через 1 минуту 11 секунд Why did these good base now is not updated, and why