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    25 июля
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  1. Originally Posted by Supershooter Facts bro. I hit VA with a Ven clip and NOTHING HIT. I haven't bought a dump since. Payment processors is where it's at . But no lie all my niggas swear they making bands off ybf, I just don't see how lol. I need a bin! I wanna check out ybf. Inbox me the link.
  2. Where is the feedback for the shop. Please post feedback members.

    Need more feedback before I buy
  4. Have you tried recently? Добавлено через 54 секунды Originally Posted by NoT3Z I LOADED MONEY IN YOU SHOP A 1 1/2 HOURS AGO AND I STILL HAVENT RECIEVED MY FUNDS IN MY WALLET... ??????... !!!!! Добавлено через 6 минут 46 секунд I APOLOGIZE IT JUST SHOWED UP. Did your account ever get funded? Добавлено через 58 секунд mailbox, Nevermind