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    6 марта
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  1. Originally Posted by RealAndRare you have my icq u can contact me ! He will not refund for me. Dont use this shop you will loose!!!
  2. Originally Posted by balllikeimkobe WHAT BASE U TAKE FROM? Warior and different. Whats your experience bro?
  3. Originally Posted by tiesto You're welcomed to try our service ! I wrote ticket in shop.

    Maybe you asking to much questions or trying to deal via escrow? Dont do this he dont like it and he is busy all time lots of work. Just place your order and send momey after you get it you will be happy with quality. Its always A+++

    Yes i did my order on jabber
  6. 2017-12-09 07:52:44 refound 63155 5309700018941221=18081010070016399999 2017-12-09 refound for dead dump please. checker has an error You should return me 200$ fir dead dump!!!
  7. Originally Posted by youhappy yeah but Tor onion working fine Any luck with his dumps now bro?

    Originally Posted by jazzymocha089 I just sent a jabber. Thanks for the update 55555. You can place your order no warries bro. I received my pcs all good plastics high quality as always was!

    Originally Posted by Dave Can you print the bank info of the dumps on the plastics or should I print it by myself? You need to contact him on his icq or jabber, he is not coming here online, you will find his contact on first page this thread.
  10. (24.12.2017 20:19): did it work? LUXist (25.12.2017 10:29): Hello yes it worked LUXist (25.12.2017 10:30): I will arrange payment have to sell items LUXist (25.12.2017 10:30): Let me know when youre online (25.12.2017 12:40): im now bro (25.12.2017 12:41): we need to talk if you like to keep work with me. (25.12.2017 12:56): whenn are you able to work again? LUXist (25.12.2017 16:35): Hello it's Christmas and my buyer say first thing in the morning we will sell all Apple product we have LUXist (25.12.2017 16:35): It's no stores or Banks open here only Pharmacy for Gift Cards (25.12.2017 16:56): ok. what all did you get? (25.12.2017 16:58): how many dumps did work? i need to know all this (25.12.2017 17:05): are here? can we talk now? LUXist (25.12.2017 17:05): https://privnote.com/0p3uypDn#wq7FUQjYV (25.12.2017 17:07): so thoes 2 went only 1 swipe LUXist (25.12.2017 17:07): Apple store is only 2 items per customer I'd decline for high i go lower (25.12.2017 17:08): ow much will i get? LUXist (25.12.2017 17:08): I had to leave store and walk to different floor LUXist (25.12.2017 17:09): How much do you want 4400 x 0.76% = $3,300 is Cashout LUXist (25.12.2017 17:09): How much do you want from $3,300 cash (25.12.2017 17:11): thats not bad anyway. 1300 for me will be ok? thenn you get 20005/ (25.12.2017 17:11): 2000 LUXist (25.12.2017 17:11): Ok LUXist (25.12.2017 17:11): Cool (25.12.2017 17:11): cool for me also Добавлено через 1 минуту 53 секунды (26.12.2017 03:07): can you send me btc? (26.12.2017 03:13): https://privnote.com/wiEE887B#x3FMCpQ3F (26.12.2017 03:13): 1212Wjsci2e9nAeWXsnbQdwDLArfZyvWnS LUXist (26.12.2017 05:00): Ok look I can't get btc till the morning it's Christmas here and no bitcoin atms open LUXist (26.12.2017 05:01): All atm open 9am I will get $2,350 in btc LUXist (26.12.2017 05:02): And send share it's Christmas here in My City only gas stations open mostly LUXist (26.12.2017 06:37): Leave msg here when u get up .. I'm in Eastern time LUXist (26.12.2017 16:38): Hello LUXist (26.12.2017 20:17): Ran thru the cards you sent LUXist (26.12.2017 21:46): All of them bad batch LUXist (26.12.2017 21:47): What happened LUXist (27.12.2017 20:03): Hello ??? (27.12.2017 16:43): bro (27.12.2017 21:06): hi (27.12.2017 21:06): dead base bro (27.12.2017 21:06): i got fresh china 101 but need my btc first (27.12.2017 21:09): 1212Wjsci2e9nAeWXsnbQdwDLArfZyvWnS (27.12.2017 21:09): send my btc now, and i give you fresh pcs (27.12.2017 21:10): and write me on darknet privmessage coz im away and have problem with internet conection to my laptop (27.12.2017 21:11): i pay a lot for internet coz im outside of my country (27.12.2017 21:12): pleasse answer bro its cost me really a lot (28.12.2017 07:16): whenn you going to send it? LUXist (28.12.2017 08:20): When I get insidemy wallet is not on my mobile Don't worry bro I already load btc to my wallet Добавлено через 54 секунды LUXist (02.01.2018 21:57): Hello ? LUXist (02.01.2018 21:58): Where have you been LUXist (05.01.2018 08:25): Hello ??? (05.01.2018 18:34): hi (05.01.2018 18:43): whats up?? why you dont send me my share? (05.01.2018 18:35): im back now lets get to work (05.01.2018 18:51): $2,350 if this all what you get from electronics then my share is 1000 (05.01.2018 18:51): 1212Wjsci2e9nAeWXsnbQdwDLArfZyvWnS (05.01.2018 18:52): send this immediatelly and i give you more dumps (05.01.2018 19:29): come onlie brooo (05.01.2018 19:32): can we talk now? (05.01.2018 19:49): why you not answering? do i have to write black for you? LUXist (06.01.2018 00:02): I am coming online in few hours just wait (06.01.2018 04:29): tell me whenn are you going to send $$$$ (06.01.2018 04:29): ??? (06.01.2018 04:37): do you want to work? i got fresch china now (06.01.2018 17:24): ????????? (06.01.2018 17:46): bro what you playing with me?

    i just placed my order, golden plastics is still same best one!!! he says that he going to be on forum soon bros!!!

    Still working bro??? I need order!!!