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    10 июня
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  1. Bad stuff picked..3 china 10 usa all dead on purchase when put on checker before using them.Not recommended...
  2. Originally Posted by heras Test 1 Valid d+p, but it onl have 15$ inside waiting bin ... +1 Bro i already mentioned it on previous post, all high balance stuff are being withdrawn by valid himself and he just upload all less balance stuff in shop for $200 though the stuff has 90% validity they are worhless to buy for $200.
  3. Originally Posted by BASE Name KENT WORLDWIDE 101/201 90% VALID RATE BUY BEFORE THEY ARE GONE! Very True , you can rather call 98% valid but 85% of dumps here have very poor and little balance that not even help to recover the investment. Good Luck Guys
  4. Valid bro, replied to your pm pls check and do the needful.Thank You
  5. Hi valid bro, i am not able to acess my account, pls check id pin27k.
  6. bro how do we order when you are always offline @ jabber?
  7. Bro unable log in with my user id and pswd, pls check, id sky27k
  8. Know this vendor for long time very legit and Honest Guy, Picked up 2 world pcs from the new base will post result soon.
  9. not able log in shop, it is keep on buffering..
  10. Bro i see the same base and same number of stuff in all countries, i dont see any new update...