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    8 марта
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  1. dumps bad and not refund. why not refund if dump bad? u said me refund many. if dump good i dont refund. but it bad, even show dont true format on pos. now i waiting ur answer now. i had send money to ur site i need work, so action good with buyer. waiting you
  2. wait refund very slow, many not fresh. i waiting refund more long time so update for refund fast
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  8. not good dumps , i had bought dump china for work but not authouzied pl refund for me and i will buy more waiting ur answer now and i will continue feedback here more
  9. try2check, caard-ok, ccchecker

    [censored] [censored] how can creat acc ?
  10. CHIP PIN

    X1 вот не плохой, демо версия как я понял. https://www.sendspace.com/file/nf9gpe. покрайней мере jcop получается не бразильский. вроде пишет что то похожее на правду бывает, но как пользоваться я так и не понял. ! Cannot execute "C:UsersWINDOW~1AppDataLocalTempRar$EXa0.267 x1X1.exe" this cant open pl reupload again thanks