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  1. we have come to agreement for paying Vendor-X , please give it time for him to update this thread . thank you
  2. Bank Drop Cashing

    Bank of America Suntrust some credit union instock ,,, Upp
  3. PayPal Business

    Uppp!!!! done many cashout with few members here and all good ,,, F&F Payments Goods and services payments shop payments,,, all need I need good volumes per day ,,, Your cashout done guaranteed
  4. Pre-Authorize dumps/ POS deal

    Uppp ,,, I will take dumps but only first hand stuff ,,,, your money safe always
  5. LOL , I don't even speak RUssia , how the hell did this even happened .
  6. 1:09:03 PM) Vendor-X: yes dumps + pin (1:10:30 PM) Vendor-X: i will give the dumps now.. with balances.. and PINs will arrive 23:45 o'clock Turkey time.. we need to cash out all cards before 00:00 turkey time.. and after 00:00 Turkey tme.. so they we will cash out 2 times daily limit (1:12:48 PM) ttoto@xmpp.jp/119133310871263658481475782157823033: give me two cards first (1:13:32 PM) Vendor-X: this is a one shot business must be done at a spesific time.. not 5 minutes later or earlier. (1:13:47 PM) Vendor-X: time of cashout is fixed (1:13:52 PM) Vendor-X: later cards will be dead (1:14:22 PM) Vendor-X: so if we do.. we do all (1:14:26 PM) Vendor-X: 4 pcs (1:14:47 PM) ttoto@xmpp.jp/119133310871263658481475782157823033: no , give me two (1:15:43 PM) Vendor-X: will you be able to be at ATM 23:45 Turkey time ? (1:58:33 PM) Vendor-X: it is automatic system.. 1 minute and 30 seconds now (1:58:57 PM) ttoto@xmpp.jp/119133310871263658481475782157823033: That means it won't work? (1:59:11 PM) Vendor-X: that means we lost half of the money (1:59:18 PM) Vendor-X: it will work (1:59:22 PM) Vendor-X: but we will cash out % 50 less (2:00:45 PM) ttoto@xmpp.jp/119133310871263658481475782157823033: Which one won't work (2:01:13 PM) Vendor-X: every one will work.. each one will give % 50 less money than it should (2:01:39 PM) Vendor-X: when it is 00:00 daily limit of a cards resets (2:02:21 PM) Vendor-X: we were about to cash out 2 days limit.. one cashout before 00:00.. and second cash out after 00:00 (2:02:24 PM) Vendor-X: now we lost 1 day (2:02:46 PM) Vendor-X: thursday died. (2:02:54 PM) Vendor-X: we will only cash out the limit of friday (2:12:34 PM) ttoto@xmpp.jp/119133310871263658481475782157823033: So what if I'm charging as credit (2:12:47 PM) ttoto@xmpp.jp/119133310871263658481475782157823033: I'm using my pos (2:12:48 PM) Vendor-X: default acc (2:12:49 PM) Vendor-X: or credit (2:13:28 PM) Vendor-X: if you are using POS then there is no daily limit (2:13:32 PM) Vendor-X: you can get all cash inside Добавлено через 8 минут 37 секунд 1- he gave limited time. 2- he confimed it will work on POS all amount and he was happy. 3- when i got the info from him that i should use ATM first , i had already did on POS
  7. swipes takes 48hrs to reach bank and this refund was made next morning 140$ was taken at ATM and hes aware of this cashout. I can't make pay him from my pocket when the money was refunded,,, specially when he contact me for help .I tried to help and this is what i deserve . these re the receipts i have got from my POS http://prnt.sc/crc5v8 http://prntscr.com/crc3a3 http://prntscr.com/crc3gf http://prnt.sc/crc0i8
  8. Pre-Authorize dumps/ POS deal

    Hi I have a personal POS , I need who can supply pre-authorize dumps. D+p's with known balance, Location: USA guaranteed deal, I need no middle men Pm me
  9. iphone Sprint. Verizon

    hi , are you shipping ???
  10. PayPal Business

    UPPPP !!! Taking goods and service payments from shops , ebay etc. also Friends and family payments guaranteed service )) Happy cashing
  11. buy id + selfie (CA, USA, FR)

    are you selling or you want to buy ??? confusing )
  12. Buying PayPal funds

    Upp,,, still need who can send FF payments,,,, write me for good business...
  13. Bank Drop Cashing

    Don't waste your WIRE , ACH, SCAM WIRE etc for fake drops and scammers.. Suntrust Bank added Chase Wells Fargo added .