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    6 марта
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  1. Originally Posted by Beenup ya shop domain expired yeah but Tor onion working fine
  2. bro he s verified not seen that ?? bdw always helpfull guy and very good responce time for replying . thanks dumping/
  3. Skimming Service

    Originally Posted by vendor-x hello, audio decoding available.. contact thread owner for details. Добавлено через 10 минут 39 секунд Adrianw, contact me.. pm your jabber R u partner with marcus ?? never heard anything from him since long..If marcus start selling again then its good news.
  4. lol are u stupid? emv global solution are scam company someone shut down their website because they scammed his freind don't u read posts in csu even administration ninja said they are scam!
  5. Guys you remember some of banned vendors here ?? those also used to sell in same style . he remind me thoes fuking rippers .. ..., Minimum 8-10 pcs china .......... almost all bins available... ( seriouslly ) if small order he refund to gain trust....
  6. got some good result from india/asia small base..
  7. any word from experienced reputed member about his asia stuff ?? appriciate ....
  8. DorianJ nickname here with- dorianJ@ajabber.me- steal the money from 20 German d+p and stop writing i have a proof for this hungry mother fucker.
  9. Originally Posted by LongMoney Anyone try this guy ASIA yet? help a nigga bro's same i need to know !!
  10. plus 2 months and more old dumps with $95/1 sell tag , still no replace ? we all know valid comes down after release of breach .

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  12. i reallly miss old days of santa and team ,, even if they here but before they always brought fire .. now updates not regular . even i dident buy since long time 5 months plus coz not able to get my bin fresh. hope they got back with good fire like before... !! all d best team santa

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