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  1. Помог в направлении, цены за такую инфу детские, удачи в бизе.
  2. Originally Posted by longlive101 shit is a dam shame. like who even talks like that. most of the people who actually make off great keep it to themselves. i look for key things in reviews that tell me if someone reallly out there in the field or not.... and that guy with his "me so horny" way of talking... is not in the field DAWG ME SO HORNY OMG DAWG LMAO LINE OF THE YEAR!!!!!! ANYWAY YEAH I THINK HE PROB FAKE FORSURE
  3. deff got to use foriagn shit it seems like with santa
  4. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    if u buy pin from res crazy lol and if you dont no who to buy from on this forum u need to choose new hustle
  5. Originally Posted by iCashout anyone tried 100pcs pack? is it good deal? It can be if u cleaver in cashout and approval even 40% Добавлено через 7 минут 36 секунд Originally Posted by vansess I want to know to have a refund only code 14 which is hard to find in his base coz he know he dont have 14 card number errer. thats why he replace 14 code only, all rest non cashable no replace.
  6. ypu dont belong in fraud game if you buy from these clowns!
  7. Goswipe.name

    he was the best at one point BRING BACK USA FIRE
  8. guy replaced me all of my code 14 d+ps... will buy some more right now, will get back with feedback after those.