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  1. Is that you deleted, not I did not add you, these evidence can prove that this is you, not the other person This shows your real account If it is false account, will show this I will not injure anyone, please manage the investigation Добавлено через 46 минут 25 секунд
  2. Originally Posted by mak hahaha, look at this: Can you post here his jabber ID from your roster? I believe I am not wrong this time, he is the real support@swissjabber.org Добавлено через 4 минуты 48 секунд Originally Posted by mak hahaha, look at this: Can you post here his jabber ID from your roster? if him last activity 2016-11-29,,,ok,This time he went to where, why would this time in the here, this is a coincidence? I do not think so!
  3. member: HQCC Amount of fraud:210$ link:https://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=2703 jabber:support@swissjabber.org I sent a post to find a bank transfer in Japan, he took the initiative to contact me, and agreed to a good amount of 200 US dollars of security, he transferred, in the process of establishing a guarantee he posing as "Carousel" deal with me and fraud me 210 dollars. He used 337788. @ Draugr.de contact me and take the initiative to add me, the actual display name is 337788@draugr.de, I did not carefully identify, leading to be deceived. Afterwards I contacted the real 337788@draugr.de, and before that they had not contacted, so support@swissjabber.org he was lying. He is not a real seller, want to put it into the blacklist, the evidence is as follows (14:56:00) suppоrt@swissjabber.org/gajim: there? (14:56:13) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: yes (14:56:39) support@swissjabber.org: i have jp banks (14:56:50) support@swissjabber.org: how much you pay for that? (14:57:12) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: what bank ,what info do u have? (14:57:52) support@swissjabber.org: tell me what additional info you need? i check logs (15:03:19) support@swissjabber.org: ? (15:03:34) support@swissjabber.org: i'm vendor from darknet http://darknet.so/member.php?u=6241 (15:15:16) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: can u transfer for my cards (15:16:02) support@swissjabber.org: which banks cards do you have? (15:17:09) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: Mitsubishi and post bank and Sumitomo mitsui (15:17:42) support@swissjabber.org: yes.i can (15:19:43) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: ok,it's cool,if u can do it ,i can get more cards.But you can not play money today, because only three in the afternoon before arriving in real time (20:28:07) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: how much u can send? (21:39:12) support@swissjabber.org: 2-5k (21:48:14) support@swissjabber.org: work with escrow? (21:48:32) support@swissjabber.org: 2-5k$ (23:28:57) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: Japan bank card withdrawal limit of 50-200W yen per card is only used once, so each play is best to limit the amount of playing, usually we choose to open the door at 9 am when the transfer, and then take Money, before 3 pm transfer can usually arrive in real time (0:03:28) support@swissjabber.org: escrow? if you not work with escrow -say it (0:03:50) support@swissjabber.org: because fucking rippers... (0:14:10) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: i can use it (0:14:36) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/45857476378933562991484398793762701: how much i need despoit (2017-01-16 1:44:01) support@swissjabber.org: there? (11:47:09) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: here (11:48:17) support@swissjabber.org: ok (11:48:30) support@swissjabber.org: how much you can receive? (11:54:42) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: how much u want me ? (11:56:06) support@swissjabber.org: ? (11:57:20) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: 200$,ok? (12:00:23) support@swissjabber.org: 200$ to escrow or what? (12:00:34) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: yes (12:00:41) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: 200$ to escrow (12:01:01) support@swissjabber.org: and how much i need sent? (12:01:10) support@swissjabber.org: to your ba (12:01:42) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: 100--200w yen (12:02:44) support@swissjabber.org: ok (12:02:47) support@swissjabber.org: agree (12:03:10) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: okay (12:03:14) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: tell me % (12:03:29) support@swissjabber.org: 50/50 (12:04:26) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: can u give me 60% (12:05:21) support@swissjabber.org: how much you can receive per day? (12:08:47) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: Different bank savings card withdrawal limit is not the same, usually between 50W - 200W, the first time I prepared a quota of about 100W card, if successful, you can prepare 5-10 cards per day, then the withdrawal can be completed every day 500 - 2000W yen withdrawals (12:09:12) support@swissjabber.org: ok (12:09:14) support@swissjabber.org: agree (12:09:19) support@swissjabber.org: 40/60 (12:09:22) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: Do you have a successful transfer experience? (12:11:32) support@swissjabber.org: i can sent to postbank (12:11:56) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: japan post bank? (12:12:03) support@swissjabber.org: many accounts (12:12:05) support@swissjabber.org: yes (12:13:17) support@swissjabber.org: are you ready? (12:13:25) support@swissjabber.org: right now (12:14:51) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: yes,but darknet is down now.. (12:15:31) support@swissjabber.org: work (12:17:31) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: let me check (12:21:20) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: who is escrow? (12:21:39) support@swissjabber.org: auto-escrow (12:22:34) support@swissjabber.org: http://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=3082 (12:41:31) support@swissjabber.org: so? (13:05:54) support@swissjabber.org: i waiit you (13:20:54) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: bro,i'm not find escrow,,,,can u give me link. (13:21:21) support@swissjabber.org: https://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=2746 (13:22:06) support@swissjabber.org: https://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=2746 (13:22:22) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: okay,wait a moment (13:24:41) support@swissjabber.org: 1) you need top up your account in darknet(your account have balance) 2)then need create thread in escrow section 3)write all therms and condition and added my id to this deal thats all (13:27:21) support@swissjabber.org: this page your transactions (13:27:30) support@swissjabber.org: https://darknet.so/credits.php (13:28:09) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: okay,thx (13:33:49) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: No recharge option found:-( (13:35:49) support@swissjabber.org: write to this vendor he is authorized exchanger https://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=123 (13:35:58) support@swissjabber.org: btc-to MUSD (13:36:19) support@swissjabber.org: Ввод в систему: - через сервис Carousel (принимаются BTC, BTC-e, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Альфабанк) (13:36:30) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: ok (13:42:56) support@swissjabber.org: 100 JPY = 0.87 USD (13:43:01) support@swissjabber.org: correct? (13:43:44) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: yes (13:44:05) support@swissjabber.org: ok (13:44:45) support@swissjabber.org: when you will be ready? (13:45:33) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: I have contacted the exchanger but I have not received a reply (13:47:54) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: I think the transaction is fully automated, and I have even contacted the forum owners, then there is no reply, I would like to quickly complete the transaction, because immediately after 3 pm on the can not arrive in real time. (13:49:44) support@swissjabber.org: the system of MUSD not completed yet and auto top up not work (13:58:16) support@swissjabber.org: you write to 2 exchanger contacts? (13:59:37) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: send msg to Carousel,,but not reply (13:59:52) support@swissjabber.org: in what jabber? (14:00:17) support@swissjabber.org: he have 2 jabbers, check it and write to another (14:00:28) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: ok (14:00:46) support@swissjabber.org: https://darknet.so/showthread.php?t=123 (14:03:07) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: Have you contacted him? (14:03:14) support@swissjabber.org: yes (14:03:30) support@swissjabber.org: i sent msg to him (14:03:36) support@swissjabber.org: your jabber (14:03:40) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: okay (14:03:47) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: him add me ,but not reply (14:05:09) support@swissjabber.org: he say your jabber not work (14:05:27) support@swissjabber.org: Remote server not found (14:05:41) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: let me check (14:07:28) support@swissjabber.org: do you have another jabber on another server? because xmpp.jp it's not good server (14:07:33) support@swissjabber.org: always errors (14:10:20) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: not have other server,i change other jabber add him (14:11:00) support@swissjabber.org: other jabber xmpp.jp? (14:11:09) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: yes (14:11:39) support@swissjabber.org: senselessly (14:12:03) support@swissjabber.org: his jabber server not connect with xmpp.jp (14:12:11) support@swissjabber.org: understand? (14:12:16) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: ok (14:19:57) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: got reply now (14:20:12) support@swissjabber.org: perfect (14:33:10) support@swissjabber.org: give me payment requisites (14:33:15) support@swissjabber.org: postbank (14:33:27) support@swissjabber.org: how much time we have? (14:34:17) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: today,we can't work,Now can not arrive in real time (14:34:42) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: my balance is add (14:37:37) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: Now it's past 3 o'clock and we can do it tomorrow morning between 9 am and 3 pm (14:41:36) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: (15:41:08) 337788@draugr.dе: yes,within 15 min,you will be receive musd (14:47:37) support@swissjabber.org: oh (14:47:39) support@swissjabber.org: ok (14:48:38) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: bro, where are u from (14:49:12) support@swissjabber.org: here (14:50:22) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: So I sent you to play the relevant details of the section, we start the first cooperation tomorrow, Japan time 9 am - 3 pm (14:52:37) support@swissjabber.org: ok (15:05:24) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: bro, him not add balance on my account,but his offline (15:05:33) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: why? (15:05:38) support@swissjabber.org: carousel? (15:05:43) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: yes (15:05:55) support@swissjabber.org: min (15:09:58) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: now darknet is down (15:16:07) support@swissjabber.org: man carousel not answer (15:16:39) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: yes, his offline (15:16:53) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: logged out (15:17:01) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: his online for u? (15:17:14) support@swissjabber.org: yes (15:17:33) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: logged out for me (15:18:05) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: his ripper? (15:23:02) support@swissjabber.org: no (15:23:29) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: why online for u ,and offline for me (15:23:52) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: I am very sad (15:26:30) support@swissjabber.org: in forum his offline (15:27:08) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: https://blockchain.info/address/19Qo...F7p39KaRAwWsmU (15:27:21) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: money is sent,but no money add to balance (15:27:47) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: 337788@draugr.dе: 19QoRetJ2cLAa2VCMwgkF7p39KaRAwWsmU 210$ (15:29:09) support@swissjabber.org: why e it's red?? (15:29:18) support@swissjabber.org: 337788@draugr.dE (15:29:25) support@swissjabber.org: it's not a fake?? (15:30:19) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: no,all I received the news are red, your also the same (15:30:24) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: support@swissjabber.org: it's not a fake?? (15:30:40) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: i use pidgin (15:30:45) support@swissjabber.org: aa ok (15:33:43) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: If he deceived me, does our cooperation continue? (15:35:24) support@swissjabber.org: write black (15:36:48) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: sigh, this is not what I would like to see, I do not want to do that, I hope he is not a liar (15:43:11) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: Then how do we do (15:44:12) support@swissjabber.org: i don't know (15:44:24) support@swissjabber.org: because not see the money (15:45:15) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: I did not take the initiative to add him, you let him add me (15:46:32) support@swissjabber.org: do you have 20$ on btc? (15:46:52) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: what means? (15:48:36) support@swissjabber.org: i have his phone number (15:48:42) support@swissjabber.org: can call him (15:48:53) support@swissjabber.org: but don't have $ on my mobile phone (15:49:35) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: are you kidding me (15:50:07) support@swissjabber.org: it's not my problem (15:50:09) support@swissjabber.org: dude (15:50:15) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: You think I'm really silly (15:50:28) support@swissjabber.org: ok, bb (15:51:36) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: I have enough evidence to prove that I will create a blacklist (15:52:44) suppоrt@swissjabber.org 现在叫做 support@swissjabber.org。 (15:52:44) suppоrt@swissjabber.org 现在叫做 support@swissjabber.org。 (15:54:36) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: i hope u can back money to me. (16:00:30) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: ? (16:00:55) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: i only need u back 200$ to me (16:04:16) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: okay? refund 200$ to me ,I do not have anything to happen,If you want to enter the blacklist you can not refund (16:06:39) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: Have you contacted him? (14:03:14) support@swissjabber.org: yes (14:03:30) support@swissjabber.org: i sent msg to him (14:03:36) support@swissjabber.org: your jabber (14:03:40) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: okay (14:03:47) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: him add me ,but not reply (14:05:09) support@swissjabber.org: he say your jabber not work (14:05:27) support@swissjabber.org: Remote server not found (16:07:09) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: These evidence enough to let you enter the blacklist (16:16:39) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: plz reply (16:17:18) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: Give you half an hour, if half an hour later you did not reply to me, I do what I do (16:22:57) Unable to buzz, because support@swissjabber.org does not support it or does not wish to receive buzzes now. This is the record of my conversation with False 337788@draugr.de (14:19:01) 337788@draugr.dе: Привет! (14:19:07) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: here (14:19:33) 337788@draugr.dе: yep (14:19:39) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: i need excheng 200$ musd (14:20:04) 337788@draugr.dе: 200$ to musd? or 200 musd to $? (14:20:20) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: 200$ to muse (14:20:24) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: musd (14:20:28) 337788@draugr.dе: btc? (14:20:31) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: yes (14:20:57) 337788@draugr.dе: 200 musd = 210$ (14:20:59) 337788@draugr.dе: ok? (14:21:21) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: ok (14:21:31) 337788@draugr.dе: 19QoRetJ2cLAa2VCMwgkF7p39KaRAwWsmU 210$ (14:22:05) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: wait (14:33:22) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: sent (14:33:40) 337788@draugr.dе: ok (14:33:45) 337788@draugr.dе: id? (14:34:23) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: hahaha (14:35:21) 337788@draugr.dе: it's nickname? (14:35:37) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: it's id (14:35:56) 337788@draugr.dе: give me link plz (14:36:08) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: http://darknet.so/member.php?u=1713 (14:40:42) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: add? (14:41:08) 337788@draugr.dе: yes,within 15 min,you will be receive musd (14:41:16) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: okay,thx (14:41:32) 337788@draugr.dе: np (14:54:35) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: bro,not find balance (14:59:11) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: ? (15:00:37) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: u there? (15:20:38) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: ??? (15:20:51) papapapapa@xmpp.jp/74769275362556242301484538379645319: u there? (15:38:39) 337788.@draugr.de 现在叫做 337788@draugr.dе。 (15:38:39) 337788.@draugr.de 现在叫做 337788@draugr.dе。