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    10 февраля
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    smh u deleted my account bro smfh
  2. dam bro i fucks wit u hard cuz u still lit but im gettin approve for d cc bro
  3. dam uni use to b my fav shop for punch might as well go back to joker since d ccs getting approved
  4. bro u dont even tell the state tho your pieces work but half the time you gotta go through 20 dumps before u find the one hitter
  5. Goswipe.name

    good looks bro @Andrew1
  6. yo bro update on swipe with refund u robbin us with that no refund update smh
  7. Goswipe.name

    none of yall got the omerta new link yall can pm me cuz it looks like i sent that 100 bucks for no reason
  8. Goswipe.name

    i thought that site came down too
  9. bro im hungry fix the goddam site im ot an shyt to lazy to go tf outside in need of the punch Добавлено через 1 минуту 49 секунд y uni look like that now bro lml i like the way it used to look
  10. bro y every update is none refundable an i kno for sure all them dump do not work
  11. Goswipe.name

    wassup with your site bro shit been down foreva
  12. swiped is ah cool site i bought alot of dumps from here that worked my problem is thatyou never know what state or the bases are based on to choose correct bins he is worth it to keep it real SB humble brooklyn native been doing this for years