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    24 апреля
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  1. Originally Posted by SPR IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM WITH BALANCE PRESS BUTTON CHECK PAYMENT AND AFTER PRESS BUY ACCES AND ALL WILL BE GOOD IF YOU DONT HAVE ACCES AND BALANCE PLZ WAIT SUPPORT ANSWER STOLE MY 150USD AND DONT ANSWER TICKET *we answer tickets 1 time a week and do fresh updates too LAST WEEK 70000 CARDS UPDATE TODAY I UPLOAD 60000 CARDS GOOD LUCK I have been waiting for support to reply since 21.04.2017 every time i press check button nothing happens and i have left 4 messages and still no reply. You cant just rob people like this please load my btc username: deetsrus Добавлено через 10 минут 28 секунд
  2. support has not replied in 2 days my btc still has not loaded onto site please load asap Добавлено через 30 секунд username: deetsrus