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    24 августа
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  1. shop used to be golden now NOTHING works. all DEAD. Even when they say LIVE, theyre still DEAD. Please refund me for last 2 pcs bought. Hell really the last 10 pcs I bought. I havent had a live piece on there since last year.
  2. Shop is shit these days. Everything dead
  3. Dead cards show as LIVE in checker again YALE. Can I send ticket for refund?
  4. validity better on these most recent batches. not big hits, but at least cards are live and actually processing. Добавлено через 1 минуту 38 секунд checker is actully working now too. when something is dead, it actually shows as DEAD and you get refund. 10 min check time could be better, but its valid at least for now
  5. bro same shit here. not gonna lie, some pieces do work for minimal amount but its usually like 3-4 out of 10. So many pieces recently say LIVE and are dead as a damn doorknob. Wont even authorize for $1 on sites that have no region block. And site is always down
  6. login is jawngalotti just bought 4 pcs this morning and 3 were DEAD 1 LIVE and worked for minimal amounts. Check all that say LIVE. Almost none work. I checked all within checker time. I have no reason to lie. Maybe 2/10 worked. The rest say LIVE but wont even work for $1
  7. Pieces are hit or miss for small amounts. I buy my #1 BIN and get very moderate success but not what I normally get from this BIN. I buy some and they LIVE but do not even work for $1 authorization. Can I DM you Elihu?
  8. цц залетают куда надо на хорошие суммы, GOOD!
  9. thats becuase there are many scam shops. I actually spend money and shop. I have great shop for dumps, but not for CC.
  10. need more reviews, I see dropped prices but, Need more reviews from you guys
  11. anybody got reviews on Yale lodge? I tried it a while ago and all CC were dead. Any updates?
  12. The best valid ) 3 no check - dead. 16 card - 2 valid )
  13. shop is shit. all this guy does is give bullshit answers. 10 minute checker, what a joke! checker is shit anyway! everything i buy DEAD DEAD DEAD. I NEVER check before using, and i KNOW MY BINS. I buy BINS from other site and out of 10, i get maybe 1 dead and have 12 hour refund time. This shop is shit!
  14. I never check cardes BEFORE using. I have my page I want to buy from loaded already when I buy CC and use immediately. When it doesnt work, I check, and even when it still says LIVE, the CC is dead. All CC I buy are DEAD. I know my BINS. I can show you what I buy off other sites and have 0 Problems
  15. I got refund for DEAD stuff, then bought more that said LIVE but not work for anything.