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    27 июля
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  1. They checker not fake but it is fucked up, dumps that approve for me decline on checker SOmetimes vice versa
  2. Originally Posted by progicalson i got bins just loooking for a good vendor This guy is a pretty good vendor, I use his shop often and win most of the time Добавлено через 2 минуты 43 секунды Originally Posted by tunech101 Your old bases are garbage i dont understand why you even sell them still and dont refund 05 decline from old bases you guys are retards and your shop and bases are only good within the first 2 weeks of your update this is the same as secureim and ybfstore exact same bases the vendors seem nore desperate to sell then carders You tried Christmas adventure base? Yea he definitely is secureim
  3. Originally Posted by MILEHIGHCLUB ill test him out myself and post results soon let us kno results plz