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    28 июля
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  1. Very old cusomer and a big buyer too username Anomatwe from 2012 i logged in sometime ago and requested to change password but since then i cant login please re-activate my account for me in pm please
  2. This guy used to be too good but now they sell a bunch of wack dead stuff smh
  3. Not fresh they were super dead and you know it and i have been carding for a long time, y'all selling dead goods smh
  4. Number/Type/CVV Expired Name Address Country State City Zip Phone Info DB Status Price $ 4564723500254625 Visa CVV: 475 0819 Guillaume Roux 0384567519 315 Albert street, 3056 Australia AUSTATE AUCITY 00000 AU+UK+BR+MIX SNIFF(NOREF)-DB[27-03-17][99% VALID] Unknown *No Refund 12.00$ 4509499160299667 Visa CVV: 292 0618 peter g harwood Address Australia NA NA 00000 Phone AU+UK+BR+MIX SNIFF(NOREF)-DB[27-03-17][99% VALID] Unknown *Manual refund 12.00$ these last cards i bought from you all dead sent u support message no response oldtime customer my username is ANOMA refund or send me good au cvv now!
  5. мне мат не понравился, мой try2check пиздит, его try2check никогда врёт желаю улучшить качество материала, и если просят выдать нечеканый товар, то так и делать, а не заниматься cамодеятельностью показывая 101% валид БД