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    7 марта
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  1. need in bulk if you got good database please pm me your jabber , thank you
  2. Сегодня получили посылку, все четко, быстро, вопросов нет! По откату буду заказывать))
  3. 1. jahknows1 2. 3. Ripper promised to send wellsfargo log and just offline forever , I already paid him via btc 10$ for 1 acc test . 4. Contacts (Jabber/ICQ) : 657539616 (Wellsfargo) 5. Post FULL logs (from start to end) (4:02:13 PM) Wellsfargo: Which account's do you need? (4:02:25 PM) Wellsfargo: 1-5k and above (4:02:41 PM) Wellsfargo: No free tester here,you make payment we proceed and have a good deal (4:07:59 PM) COD: of course I dont ask free test (4:08:03 PM) COD: just small deal first (4:08:05 PM) COD: or escrow (4:08:15 PM) COD: I need acc over 700$ - 2k (4:08:26 PM) COD: too big hard for work not worth (4:08:42 PM) COD: give me your price list so i can by few for test (4:11:48 PM) Wellsfargo: Alright okay,i don't deal on escrow cause too many mf faggot rippers have been ripping me due on that,one nigger ripped me 5k recently aswell (4:12:14 PM) Wellsfargo: 40$ each with each balance of 1500$ and above (4:12:28 PM) Wellsfargo: How many you wanna try for few and we gonna work and make good bucks together (4:12:46 PM) Wellsfargo: I'm legit and vocal and need a trusted partner to make some bags of money (4:25:22 PM) Wellsfargo: ?? (4:25:58 PM) COD: lol 40$ for 1k5 balance is too expensive , (4:26:12 PM) COD: not all acc can work you should know about that (4:26:15 PM) Wellsfargo: Alright how much you got?? (4:26:20 PM) Wellsfargo: I dig (4:26:27 PM) COD: normally I buy well on (4:26:34 PM) COD: acc 1-2k just over 10$ (4:26:52 PM) Wellsfargo: Okay cool (4:27:01 PM) Wellsfargo: How many do you need? (4:27:16 PM) COD: just buy 2 for test let see if login is good (4:28:09 PM) Wellsfargo: Ooh buddy alright,it will cost you 20$ each cause i have reduce the price and i have high balance (4:28:12 PM) Wellsfargo: 40$=2 (4:29:08 PM) COD: no sorry (4:29:17 PM) COD: i just want to test your login (4:29:24 PM) COD: give me a smallest balance you have (4:29:33 PM) Wellsfargo: Ima take 30$ for 2 then ,cause i don't sell them for 10$ (4:29:34 PM) COD: few hundred enoyugh (4:30:00 PM) Wellsfargo: I will take 30$ for 2 with a balance of 1k and above (4:30:10 PM) Wellsfargo: Are you OK with that (4:30:13 PM) COD: you have not good reputation on forum also , i dont want to be scam too (4:30:45 PM) Wellsfargo: Oooh never,i don't scam on here,i'm been real to you and we gonna make good bucks aswell (4:30:55 PM) Wellsfargo: Let make this deal successful (4:31:00 PM) COD: so use escrow (4:31:04 PM) COD: lol (4:31:10 PM) COD: just talk no one trust you (4:31:22 PM) COD: small deal enough (4:31:29 PM) Wellsfargo: Never ,too many mf faggot rippers have been ripping and scamming me due to that (4:31:35 PM) COD: i just need 1 acc from you for test your login (4:31:45 PM) COD: i will pay 10$ (4:31:46 PM) COD: that all (4:31:50 PM) COD: if good i will buy 5 (4:31:55 PM) COD: or more (4:31:58 PM) COD: every day (4:32:08 PM) Wellsfargo: Okay cool (4:32:30 PM) Wellsfargo: 2 for 20$ (4:32:39 PM) Wellsfargo: What's your payment method? (4:33:10 PM) COD: btc (4:33:14 PM) COD: give me your address (4:33:57 PM) COD: just 1 for 10$ , let see if you got login good or not (4:34:05 PM) COD: or ripper just stay away (4:34:21 PM) Wellsfargo: Alright Okay,you gonna know how i deal buddy (4:34:43 PM) Wellsfargo: 1McthG3AADqUse3ev68J6EowgLVyPQ1DMi (4:36:25 PM) COD: done 10$ (4:37:02 PM) Wellsfargo: Okay checking now (4:38:29 PM) Wellsfargo: I only had 7 btc buddy (4:38:35 PM) Wellsfargo: What's up (4:40:27 PM) COD: August 12 @ 04:36 PMSentTo:1McthG3AADqUse3ev68J6EowgLVyPQ1DMiFrom:1Q JRzLrH34TzLbFY3P34TPtb6nE1aBzddkAdd a description 0.0171103 BTC Pending:0/3confirmations Transaction Fee: 0.0001243 BTC (4:40:49 PM) Wellsfargo: ok (4:41:13 PM) Wellsfargo: I need your paper wallet address so i can comfirm and will get the exact bitcoin (4:41:34 PM) COD: 1QJRzLrH34TzLbFY3P34TPtb6nE1aBzddk (4:43:09 PM) Wellsfargo: Not that...Login into your blockchain account and scroll down and look on your right ,you will see paper ,click on it a new window (tab) will open then open and copy the paper wallet address for me (4:43:15 PM) Wellsfargo: Then i wil comfirm (4:44:30 PM) COD: ?? (4:44:33 PM) COD: wtf (4:44:36 PM) COD: my add is 1QJRzLrH34TzLbFY3P34TPtb6nE1aBzddk (4:44:41 PM) COD: i send from that allread also (4:45:19 PM) COD: To:1McthG3AADqUse3ev68J6EowgLVyPQ1DMi From:1QJRzLrH34TzLbFY3P34TPtb6nE1aBzddk (4:45:27 PM) COD: 0.0171103 BTC (4:45:58 PM) Wellsfargo: Ok nevermind anyway (4:46:01 PM) Wellsfargo: Will send you the logs now (4:58:02 PM) COD: okie ripper
  4. any contact bro ,icq or jabber ? Добавлено через 1 час 21 минуту 11 секунд Originally Posted by jahknows1 Hit me up on icq :657539616 this guy is scammer
  5. anyone have please pm , I will use escrow if you dont let me buy few acc for test , thanks
  6. Need wellsfargo bank log

    anyone sell bank wellsfargo logs or account pm me , thanks