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    20 февраля
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  1. Получил))ты лучший!!Все новое, бьется, лучший сервис!!спасибо
  2. Выстрелило, окупил обучение за 3 дня с плюсом, спасибо парни!!!
  3. My account still have 67$ something in it, and when i log in my account show:"Your account is inactive at the moment". My acc is opcvv112 Please help me check thanks
  4. shop not even working. waiting a day to receive dump back. And this shop almost over a year didnt update.
  5. answer my icq bro. do you have any canada 101
  6. hi bro Why i cant go thrus ur site? thanks
  7. Originally Posted by friday_dumps just blah blah blah again... student go masturbate pls I finished talking to you. sometimes you come in. you are funny student Why i cant go thrus ur site?
  8. bro write me link shop. Thank you Santa