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  1. 2 hours ago user: hello //// 2 hours ago user: no reply //// 2 hours ago user: your cards keep saying valid but your checker is lying //// 2 hours ago user: i purchase, attempt to use, DO NOT HONOR. i check on private checker same do not honor. i try your checker and it says valid??? //// Support 19 minutes ago rules read //// Support 19 minutes ago in FAQ //// a minute ago user: so your just going to take my money? //// a few seconds ago user: you have the power to give me a refund.... //// Добавлено через 48 минут 12 секунд do not load funds into this shop. very bad quality. support will keep your money no matter what.
  2. I seen all the recent comments, i thought i would checkout the quality of this website. So far its bad. The checker keeps saying cards are valid but thats a complete lie. my other private checkers say they are invalid. I already sent support a message on the website waiting for reply. If they want anymore of my business they need to fix the checker and refund me for these dead cards.
  3. VERY GOOD GUY , KNOW FOR LONG TIME FRO VPRO TIME , THUMS UP , DONT EVEN THINK ORDER FROM OTHERS , THIS IS RIGHT GUY. QUALITY A+++ SERVICE A+++ COMMUNICATION A+++ NEVER HAVE DELAY A+++ sounds maybe little bit commercial , but started use this guy, after this guy got busted....forgot his name , its was like 3-4years ago, he was with web based plastic ordering... fuck he was so dumb he was shipping out from some workers name parcels LOLL OKAY ANYWAY FUCK THE SAD STORY , THIS GUY IS MACHINE WITH PLASTICS , UV ALL SHIT US YOU LIKE ) BANKS LIKES HIS STUFF ok, bye everyone for now TRUST ME IM LEGIT SOURCE )
  4. quality stuff here good for getting gift cards