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    11 июля
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  1. your minimum deposit is too hight. i added all my 51$. I bought 2 cc the 2 are invalid. i sent ticket.plz check and refund me. username: sardou Добавлено через 1 час 7 минут 0 секунд I bought a 3 cc which is not good
  2. bro price of your cc is too will never get customer.the normal price is 10$

    A feedback on this shop?
  4. all carders,i have account on rescator,unicc,jokerstash,validcc,approved,carder0 07 and others verified cvv autoshop,I am not talking about analogues like bestvalid,yaloldge,goldenshop etc... but i have never seen great and great shop like Realandrare. i bought 17 cc all 100% and great.The smallest amount is 700 euro that I debited.Its only defect, its base is not wide and its cc are a little expensive. my account is "Sardou" you can verify
  5. no new update bro,wht is your problem? im waiting since yesterday at night. so im going dhl take my goods.see you later
  6. Yale Lodge is reseller of unicc base,wy you cant pay directly from source?
  7. bro,do your best to add cc of france urgently. i need to add big amount to buy france. thank
  8. hi almighty,i added 29$ im here to give feedback: -fisrt cc no good.checker said error,so no refund for me.i send ticket. -2e cc was great, -3e cc was great 2 hour later,admi refund me for first time cc. -so i take one,very very great. CONCLUSION VERY GOOD VENDOR. Добавлено через 1 минуту 1 секунду my account name on shop is "sardou"
  9. INFINITE plz give me pass vbv bin list
  10. hi infinite.plz i need vbv bins list.urgent
  11. has anyone had a good experience with these guys?