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    12 августа
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  1. Originally Posted by mak tracsz, solved or not?? hi mak sorry i was away fews days i will send him my jabber now and try to add him for solve i will update here later Добавлено через 2 минуты 47 секунд Добавлено через 30 минут 18 секунд SOLVED I GOT MY MONEY BACK,THANKS MAK
  2. Originally Posted by dandurand Lol same person? Go fuck your mom motherfucker I have only one account and I will report yur ass off ripper ALL PEOPLE WILL BE SCARED TO BUY FROM YOU CAUSE I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO ADVISE HIM YOU ARE BIG RIPPERS It seem iam not the sole seller who got ripped by this guy,i have proov already posted in ripper section this fucker cant be verified ita shame for this forum,i have pay 25$ membership in for report him and he is banned now,will do that in all place where he will be he dont have stuff and cry for bases then rip sellers motherfucker tramp
  3. ripped by alaric aka owner of old proov and links below Hi guys, Iam tracz a private dumps seller who have lot of stuff,added in alaric shop + 2500-3000 dumps. I got my 1st share after fews days was 150$,now i claim the rest of my share since 2 month now,no answer to me on jabber my share is around 500$ now but so far he dont send nothing more and no answer. Shop was down now he is back but i cant connect to my panel seller and no jabber answer,i just want my money this guy is a scammer please solve i have post thread in earlier he is banned with ripper statut Jid : url's : old username : alaric PM me for infos