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    7 марта
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  1. If somebody is interested from real good,new generation insert skimmer PM me,only people who knows the game.
  2. Im only on Jabber since 3 years now. sry you got ripped by fake
  3. Vacay is over Is new year 2016 -- time to continue providing you with toys which affords you good things in life :beer Rafael101 your top vendor -- ( Quality PRODUCTS ((ROI)) guaranteed) Let'S get straight to business. The following products are available for immediate order as new been developped >>>>>>>>>>>>> Save time: Click on link to be taken to live content - List of available products ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATM SKIMMERS PASSWORD FOR ALL ARCHIVES = infinity101 1. NCR ROUND -- For NCR self Serve ATMS -- Click HERE for pics 2. NCR SQUARE (ALL IN ONE ) --FOR NCR 36 ATMS -- Click HERE for pics 3. NCR GREEN – ANTI OVER ANTI—For NCR 5886 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 4. NCR FLAT 86 – FOR NCR 5886 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 5. NCR PERSONAS 84 -- Click HERE for pics 6. WINCOR NANO 3.0 – FOR WINCOR 2050 AND 2150 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 7. WINCOR NANO 4.0 -- FOR WINCOR 2050 AND 2150 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 8. WINCOR FLAT – FOR WINCOR 2050 AND 2150 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 9. WINCOR ANTI OVER ANTI -- FOR WINCOR 2050 AND 2150 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 10. DIEBOLD SLIM – FOR DIEBOLD OPTEVA 760 -740 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 11. DIEBOLD SLIM II updated Fascia --FOR DIEBOLD OPTEVA 760- 740 ATMS -- click HERE for pics 12. DIEBOLD MANUAL DIP -- FOR Diebold 429 AND 522 Multifunction Lobby ATMS – click HERE for pics 13. And as per popular request --- GAS PUMP – at moment can only capture Dumps – Keypad to capture (pin – zip) is been developed and available in near future. If your interest only to capture dumps then good to order now – click HERE for pics 14. If you are in chip country and skimming is not possible contact me about certain product UPDATE 1/1/15 NEW MODELS AVAILABLE 2015 2015 Model -- N1 -- CHASE DOOR SLIDE -- CHECK it out HERE 2015 Model -- N2 -- DIEBOLD ANTI INSERT -- Check it our HERE 2015 Model -- N3 -- NCR ROUND INSERT -- Check it out HERE 2015 Model -- N4 -- TRITON -- Check it out HERE 2015 Model -- N5 -- CHASE WINCOR ANTI BLACK For Wincor 2050 2150 -- Download it HERE 2015 Model -- N6 -- ESSO GAS PUMP -- Download it HERE NEW MODEL -- NCR ROUND ALL IN ONE -- Check it out HERE NEW MODEL-- NCR 34 Audio and Flash Available -- HERE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :idea:idea:idea:idea:idea >>> Help and support after purchase >>> You will receive my beginners guide to successfully work products – from installing to cashing out >>> Most devices use audio reader as the success of capturing full data is near 100% compared to flash Some devices can only use flash and you will be informed before purchase >>> 9hr battery life for both audio and cam – is possible for you to update to more as much as required >>> Most products are shipped in 2 -3 pieces and in 2 – 3 separate shipments to avoid customs ------ Assembly is simple and fun! >>> Escrow is accepted through trusted admin and via BTC only (NO TIME WASTERS) (If you don’t have money – don’t contact me) Payments via BITCOIN only read here how to get started with bitcoin >> http://cpro.su/showthread.php?t=95343 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OFFLINE POS SKIMMERS are continued to be offered as usual Note - This Devices Can Bring in A serious cash flow if placed in the right place - $15k to $60k monthly income is very Possible and realistic :idea Models available == Verifone vx510 and vx670 With Encryption (EXample ---(Send To Worker in India you control data from Russia) Approved - Connection Error - Options Languages Available - English, French, Turkish, Russian and customs language available but will take lil longer as it will need programmed Contact me for Business -- Serious only -- Verifone VX510 -- contact For Pricing Verifone VX670 -- Contact for Pricing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note - Prices for certain or all products might change over time for higher or Lower :beer