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    10 октября
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  1. Originally Posted by tatoo46 he is a ripper don't deal with him...he told he will sell verifone offline skimmer and ripped me 300$...fucking ripper im only on jabber since 3 years now no icq sry you dealt with fake.. next time Pm me here to comfirm what is actually real
  2. Booking.com

    Zdelal xotel tipa priechal skazal sto karta declined i nado platit fse dengi za xotel esli xoces check inn Napisal BOOKING on necevo neatvetil i 2 dnja offline!! He make booking i'am come at hotel they say what card is declined and if you wanna check in you need to pay all money for hotel , i writed BOOKING but he 2 day is offline!!!!