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    6 марта
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  1. Bad shop.... 2/18 only... He's Ex-partner of buybest here SHAME on YA !!!!
  2. Same bases with Goldendumps, DIAMONDDUMPS, 2tracks, bestdumps, honeymoney, etc....They use API and share bases. If you buy 1 dump from 1 shop, is automatic mode so dump will be deleted from all....Already tested by me......
  3. 7/9 were approved base SILVER 3. I'll order again today.
  4. Very bad service ! 0/12 Fry Potato base my working bins bought from here never worked but from any other vendors they works. Добавлено через 2 минуты 4 секунды Originally Posted by Getup That's y I never put money on this site, and that's y I sell my ybfstore account you're right my brother...this guy is a ripper he keep saying dumps approved and shit...even he's not always online....this guy have a man paid for support, that's not him on his contacts.I know that for sure cuz he said that. Very very bad service.
  5. Pokemon GO have strongest European tracks ever. 9/11 approved ! Probably The Best vendor in the World at the moment.