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    4 сентября
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  1. Originally Posted by Panda No that is NOT my icq. Mine is 692733644 can you explain why you changed the icq in your thread today.
  2. panda icq: 660682649 Добавлено через 57 секунд and his thread was edited today... he changed icq on post today
  3. Link profile: Amount: $90 (lol) Info: I paid for log $90 with 1.7k balance. I sent payment and not online... Vend: hi' Vend: i need to buy uk with telepin Panda: ok Panda: available Halifax £1.7k $90 Halifax £7.7k $200 Santander £6.1k $180 Santander £4.1k $150 Barclays £3.8k $130 Barclays £7.8k $200 Vend: halifax 7.7k Vend: does it come with telepin Panda: yes Vend: escrow? Panda: theres no escrow in new crd Vend: yo Vend: Halifax £1.7k $90 Vend: i start with this one Panda: Ok Panda: Btc? Vend: yes Vend: address pls. Panda: 149UE9QJSL7vpWWDAqzDzEXbWfVjxYAJWs Vend: sent. Vend: Vend: paste log here pls. Panda: ok. few mins pls Vend: oki Panda signed off at 7:29 PM. You were reconnected to ICQ at 7:33 PM.
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