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    13 августа
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  1. Hey mate do u have a icq or jabber site not working It keep saying wrong captacha
  2. Ive bought card and I'm trying to check the card but it says checker gateway offline... so I've sent the cards to support for a refund ...
  3. Bro I can't buy from your shop also very hard to login when I use tor firefox
  4. Originally Posted by Konglord13 PIN KING better than ven was 100% Jallo King Of Pins!
  5. good update actually , Advice To Users (stick to your bins , don't try to be grown and get shit you never picked or never heard anyone suggest to pick)
  6. jd24s, Do you have any knowledge on dumps with pins Добавлено через 19 минут 50 секунд Whats the best cashout methods for d + p plz and thanks