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    6 марта
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  1. yawn, man no one cares about what u do. please get the fuck out of here. dont u see not even the fucking admin gives a fuck about ur retarded tirades of nothingness? YOU ARE FUCKING DELUSIONAL!!!!! BANNED MEMBER!!!
  2. Delusions of grandeur plain and simple. you are on a carding forum and saying as god as ur witness lol truly sad. you need to be committed to a mental institution. this topic is as good as closed. I do not know you nor do i care to address this topic a day longer. logs u provided proves what? little boy u can have a whole long chat with ur self, u can make uo an icq and change an icq to name to "donalld trump" and say u spoke to him if u so choose. get a life looser.
  3. Is he a liar too. Mak ban this POS
  4. at least 1 person knows he is ripper besides ComixSans who put in post that liluminated and hated = frank lucas is a RIPPER. Brothers be warned Mak if you dont ban him its against your own rules. I post logs with this guy and his Icq he admitted he did talk to steve999 but says the logs I sent of him talking to steve999 are not him when he sent me the logs himself. MAK admins its time to ban this prick ass ripper. I have shown all the proof that RULES say. Добавлено через 3 минуты 23 секунды Negative -3 enuff said if you are so good why the bad reps.
  5. changing the refund time based on individual stats was an idea not thought through properly. from 3min -3hrs? are u serious bro? that is not only unethical but rather unfair. better u change users ability to access a base for a time limit than the replacement time. if someone buys something from ur shop and its dead why should they have to wait 3hrs for a replacement? i recently started using this shop as the validity/prices are well worth it but i have to thread carefully now as u implemented this new rule. my thoughts
  6. little boy this is a fraud forum my exploits and accomplishments are not meant to be broadcasted. what should be broadcasted however is that U ARE A BANNED MEMBER THAT USES MULTIPLE CLONES TO TRY TO TARNISH MY REP BECAUSE U WERE INSULTED. hold this L
  7. Now when steve999 post the chat with you about me thats a lie? You lie like that you have nerve to keep posting when you could have done what I paid for. I would swear on my life that you ripped me. Why are you here lying? You dont have a single person saying you are a good vendor. That shows something but your icq is shown to be a ripper and you have clone ILLUMINATED and Frank Lucas. BRO'S this ripper lies. He stole my money now he keeps lying read the logs and look at the icq with his name. He is a fucking rat.
  8. Originally Posted by illuminated banned member: https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorg nuff said LISTEN YOU FUCKING BLACK NIGGER LYING RIPPER. WHY YOU DOING ALL THIS SHOW US ANYONE THAT YOU DID BUSINESS THAT CAN SHOW US ANY TRADELINES YOU SOLD THEM YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU RIP. YOU KEEEP SAYING BANNED MEMBER. I AM NOT BANNED AND YOU THINK YOU CAN KEEEP LYING YOU RIPPED ME BECAUSE YOU DID NOT SEND MY TRADE YOU KEEP COMING ON HERE AND SAYING THIS. BUT I WILL KEEP TELLING THE TRUTH YOU ARE A FUCKING RIPPER. IF YOUR NOT SWEAR YOU YOUR NIGGER KIDS YOU TOLD ME ABOUT AND YOUR FUCKING WIFE. YOU PIECE OF SHIT YOU KEEP COMING ON HERE SAYING I AM BANNED I AM BANNED YOU SHOULD BE BANNED FOR ALL THE LYING AND SHIT YOU DO. YOU DID NOT SEND MY TRADE LINES THAT I PAID FOR POINT AND CASE. YOU ARE A LYING NIGGER FROM JAMAICA. Добавлено через 19 минут 37 секунд You said you did not talk to me on your icq but you said you talk to steve999 and he said I ripped him for 7500 but I proved by putting his reversal 4 days later so that shows he was a ripper. Then talked to him on the same icq telling him that I was good because I gave you 3k (you admitted that) then you say you did not talk to me but if you did not talk to me, how the fuck you know steve999 say I ripped him for 7500 when it was 7800 he sent and it reverse and you tried to do a TOP up for me and he had that returned with fake TD bank check which the bank said was a closed account you was to do for me and this is why he says you was a clone of me. Now you going to say you did not do this for me and check was fake? My man you fucking lying. You will see MOTHERFUCKER. I HAVE NO REASON TO SAY SHIT UNLESS YOU RIPPED ME FOR OVER 2600 DOLLARS. you have the nerve to straight lie that you did not do business with me the said your icq is no where on this site as that is the wrong Icq that I showed now Comixsans shows that same icq as a ripper and you say THAT in June 2017 of best buy that I posted which Comixsans sent you and you did rip him. Now say you did not rip him because he will say you did and POST YOU ripped him for those best buy pickups IN LoNG iSLAND NY AND BROOKLYN NY. and you tried to rip me for TRADE LINES and with that fake ass you sent for 1800 are you stupid. IMAGE is your other clone. illuminate here is his other icq 613004962 FRANK LUCAS ( A NIGGER GANGSTER FROM NY) also a ripper so its fitting this lying rat. FUCK YOUR KIDS HOPE THEY DIE NIGGER Добавлено через 7 минут 35 секунд Show us someone that can come on here and say you did trade lines for them!!! Just 1 person that his been on. Just 1 show us if you do trade lines. You can not all you have to do is show us. Also show us your vendor for TRADE LINES because I bet you did not buy shit with the money I sent you. You probably bought some Jerk Chicken you fucking Nigger. MAK either ban or close this topic. I am tired of this guy with all his energy he could have made a lot of money as I had 6k for him if he delivered.
  9. member banned name Bjorg Member banned profile: https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorg Member new aliases: IAMBKORG...https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=114356 TheTruth: https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=114128 Tron: https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=112324 i have no icq or jabber for this contact as i have never spoken to him before but he has been very blatant with regards to him using multiple accounts. i know this is against forum policy and i leave this now to moderators hands
  10. what u need is a mental health clinic. imdome witjh this...u are a banned member that needs help. https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorg
  11. NOW THAT IS FROM JUNE 2017 you ripped talk about that. RIPPER I AM GOING TO EXPOSE YOU FOR RIPPING ME I WILL NOT POST ANYTHING ELSE. BUT I WILL HIT THOSE PEOPLE I SAID I WOULD FUCK YOU AND I HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE FOR LYING. BRO I AM A HONEST MAN. I NEVER RIPPED ANYONE AND AS YOU SEE THE STEVE999 WAS REVERSED ON OCT 6 2017 HE GAVE IT TO ME ON OCT 1 AND IT REVERSED. NOW BAN THIS FUCKING PRICK. Добавлено через 7 минут 12 секунд Originally Posted by illuminated and that proves what exactly? man show screenshot of where in a pm i sent u a jabber/icq? show where. u are a banned cunt: https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorgmaking multiple accounts all because of a bruised ego! fuck off chump DID YOU rip me for tradelines. I can show the wallets that I sent to the exact amount and I will show the WU where you picked up the 500 for the carecredit. You LIE YOU SAID you never had your icq on this site. Now I telling you I SAID YOU GAVE ME 2 CPNS WHICH YOU DID. THEN YOU RIPPED ME FOR THE TRADE LINES BECAUSE you thought I was banned. yOU fucking Rat. RIPPER show me 1 person that can say you did it . YOu said you dont do ESCROW FOR TRADElines in your own words. YOUR a ripper Добавлено через 4 минуты 35 секунд Originally Posted by illuminated and that proves what exactly? man show screenshot of where in a pm i sent u a jabber/icq? show where. u are a banned cunt: https://darknet4wraumez4.onion/showt...ighlight=bjorgmaking multiple accounts all because of a bruised ego! fuck off chump I want my money or TRADE LINES. 170K AND 25-35k 2 times.. THATS IT I AM NOT ASKING FOR NOTHING MORE OR NOTHING LESS IN YOUR WORDS.
  12. let me make this 100000% simple for the likes of you. 1) you are a banned member! a banned member for ripping steve999 for 7500usd which u cashed out and did not send his share and after u reversal (which is typical for dirty transfers) u said u got no funds. 2)u made 4 clones on one forum (tron, the truth, yess and the one u are using now) this alone is a forum violation and warrants another ban 3) the only knowledge i have of you is u ripping steve999 and he mistook me for you and i told him to air his grievances on forum and when u messaged me as "tron" on the forum and i insulted you 4) u fabricated conversation by the form of adding things i never said and by using a icq that is not mine. (how do i know this? by u foolishly using copy and paste and writing a convo between "tron" one of ur accounts and an icq that is suppose to be mine. for the last time if ur ego is bruised i do not know you! i only give my jabber out in pm and i have no record of giving that you. so please do us all a favor fuck off.
  13. you told him you MADE 3K WITH ME now you saying bullshit the Top up was NOT SUPPOSED TO COME BACK and it did. Here is your icq 697425496 so you now saying you dont use Icq in your earlier post you told me how did I get it. And you complained to Admin how he got my ICQ. You are so stupid everyone look at conversation and he clearly states how did you get my ICQ and now he is saying he does not use ICQ. What is it liar??? Here is the part where you say I gave you 3k you said this!!!!!!!!!! Now all here know he uses this icq 697425496. Bro's dont worry he is a ripper and I am going to catch him and I am going to fuck him up and post me putting my foot up is ass, I am ready to kiss this fucking lying rat.
  14. I got your icq because we was doing business and you did not do my TRadelines. You are not answering on icq that we did business on. Now again I paid you 3500 for 3 CPN'S 190+190+190=570, 750(25-35K)+750(25-35K+1000(170K mortage=2500, PLUS 5K carecredit for 500(he gave me discount of 10% because I paid so much for all this before I paid all money upfront) total given to illuminated&hated 3570 He did give me 2 CPN'S so minus this 380 he did give me 5k carecredit -500. so 2690 is owed or my tradelines. I ALSO GAVE HIM 10 dollars because he said he didnt have bitcoin. Now I didnt have a problem with this guy until he sent me a bullshit trade for 1 CPN and made that CPN score of 687 then tells me he throwing that in. I said I dont want that with 90% it does not help. HE TOLD ME OVER AND OVER AS YOU CAN SEE THAT IT WOULD POST IN 7-10 days IT HAS NOT. I Paid. If anyone wants to do teamviewer I can show you all the logs. This guy is a fucking liar and ripper. I GOT HIS ICQ FROM HIM BECAUSE WE WAS DOING BUSINESS and I even can show the the calls and the voicemail he left begging for money for the carecredit. SO illuminated & hated show the board anyone who did business you did tradelines with. You asked me to give you a good feedback and I said I would wait until tradeline hits. Now you said you sell tradelines, I paid and you and you did not put the 25-35k tradelines on 2 accounts and the 170k Mortgage on anything you kept saying it will post. Or do the 3rd CPN as you promised. Be a fucking man you weasel. I will post your conversation when you called me on ICQ that I recorded and shows that you called from your icq. I have all your calls and I will post them. He will answer if you are new but we see he is a fucking RIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CASE DONE.. FUCKING RAT Добавлено через 15 минут 50 секунд Why are you lying. You told me you was a great business man. I now know your broke. You told me that I was the only person that paid for services quick you dont remember that. I showed the wallets and western union totaled 3570 for all i paid for., corresponding with the conversation with illuminated & hated. Admin why would I go through this unless I got ripped. I thought this site was honorable. Honor among thieves. But we have kill all rats. I dont want this guy to do this with anyone. With his fake Best Buy cards (he said he was sending me 1 Best Buy card for doing business with him as a throw in) I said ok but I did not get that either as you see in the logs. But ban this guy MAK as I dont want anyone on this board to get ripped. If anyone wants to see the logs I have we can do teamviewer hit me up to see this guy is 100% ripper. Bro I am honest guy and I never ripped anyone. Добавлено через 3 минуты 59 секунд Originally Posted by illuminated who the fuck are you? show me where u got this icq? admin please deal with this asshole. BRO's I will show PM from Crdclub with all so he cant lie. Mak just go into my PM and read all the things including the agreement of business deal and money. Now illuminated & hated explain this? This will show he is a liar and RIPPER!!!!!!!!!! better yet I will post those logs. Now can I fake that???YOU fucking rat