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    17 сентября
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    Originally Posted by hello mates! new large world update! there are 48 fresh bases in our collection! usa world eu exotic canada 101 201 tr1+tr2 valid rate 90%+ -NEBRASKA -NEVADA -MINNESOTA -MINNESOTA -OHIO -RHODE ISLAND -SOUTH CAROLINA -UTAH -MIX -KENTUCKY -HAWAII -CONNECTICUT -COLORADO -CALIFORNIA -ARKANSAS -ARIZONA -ALABAMA -VIRGINIA -WASHINGTON D.C. -WISCONSIN-WYOMING -WEST VIRGINIA -VERMONT -TEXAS -TENNESSEE -SOUTH DAKOTA -PENNSYLVANIA -OREGON -NEW YORK -NEW JERSEY -NEW MEXICO -NEW HAMPSHIRE -MISSISSIPPI -MISSOURI -MICHIGAN -MAINE -MARYLAND -MASSACHUSETTS -LOUISIANA -KANSAS -INDIANA -ILLINOIS-IOWA -GEORGIA -FLORIDA-DELAWARE-WASHINGTON SWIPEBZ.ORG ICQ - 301030 jabber - TOR - xgibbpo4tpg4j7mj.onion Update way to much and prices way to high. Probably won't be able to get a refund bcuz most all checkers are dead and the ones that are working approving dead dumps
  2. Originally Posted by Quiet shop still down, pls help. or
  3. на тикеты сап так и не ответил, но все таки приобрел 2 карты - при чеке показало валид перед покупкой на обеих, но в шопах деклайнули обе, причем шопы разные и типы карт разные, суммы разные, да и чекеры тоже разные были... Думайте сами, решайте сами... Цены от 3$ так и не увидел. Все красиво только в первом посту, в самом магазе я этого не заметил.
  4. Originally Posted by Iboypolo No a fire bin need to get my new born some stuff We in the same boat bro.. I kno how it feels
  5. Originally Posted by CobbySpitt bad credit cards Please post your username in my shop here,if you are real. & -1 you get , cause i can guarantee you will never reply here. We don't have bad cards .... Dandurand ? again another account , cock sucker . Thank you.