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  1. Dumps from Senator Rescator

    你好,你的链接打不开啊 Добавлено через 21 секунду Originally Posted by Rescator Second Coming of Rescator, Pure Freshness! Surplus Valid Rate, Paranormal Quality! Base name: Profit Prophet First available at 8 AM EST for VIP customers having 12% Discount Motivation Ratio. One hour later @ 9 AM available to everyone else. Track 1, Track 2, City, State, ZIP Code Valid rate: 98% New Rules for Replacements: No replacements for first 24 hours due to refund-abuse. After 24 hours: If you are buying less than 20 cards default replacement time is 1 Hour If you are replacing %0-10 of purchases from this base: 48 Hours If you are replacing %11-15 of purchases from this base: 24 Hours If you are replacing %16-25 of purchases from this base: 12 Hours If you are replacing %26-35 of purchases from this base: 6 Hours If you are replacing %36-50 of purchases from this base: 1 Hour If you are replacing more than %50 of purchases from this base: No Replacements Replacement time is now dynamic, depending on percentage of replacements you are requesting! Don't Forget Wholesale Packs It's Worth It! Get twice the product for your $$$! Dumps with PIN available: Dumps with PIN are not guaranteed to make you a fortune. Best to be used on POS. Banks are not carding-loyal these days and region lock is a common thing. If you plan on using them on ATM, drive through several places or states. Keep in mind that you will still hit a daily limit or a cash advance limit. That's the reason you should think twice before purchasing these If you don't plan on using them on POS! Dumps with PIN is a gamble. You don't know If you make twice as much or not even return your investment. Still majority of people are making good money with them. You've got know how to fully monetize them! No refunds on Dumps with PIN whatsoever! We're not checking these dumps, since authorization requests will flag 101 tracks. Thus no exact valid rate is provided. Refrain from buying If you're not ready to take a loss. Price is $140 per Dump with Pin. Discounts starting at 100 pieces. No bin selection. Random mix sales only. No exceptions for anyone! Account balance unknown. Do NOT ask about It. Go to Wholesale tab to Purchase! http://5pu4bdevev3dwoqn.onion TOR Browser is required to access the above .onion link. 你好,你的链接打不开啊
  2. Originally Posted by sup2crd Все ваши вопросы касательно кардинга PayPal и ответы наших пользователей в этой теме В данной теме реклама своих сервисов по обналичке или заливам запрещена! 你好,你能教我怎么玩PayPal吗?我现在遇到的问题就是老是需要验证,请问这个是怎么问题?如果你能教 会我,我愿意支付一定的报酬