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    17 октября
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  1. i zoed you cause u a lame and u kept hounding me bout that first 200 drop..fuck you forum hustling ass nigga you and benz are the same person dropping shit thats killing accounts that check clipped same day it dropped...no love for you buster ass nigerians..and as for PIRU...suck my dick once again bussin jwets without a forum...and i can pay for registration plenty times over
  2. LOL ....this forum is useless go ahead and ban me mak..been done with this place
  3. good service i been puttin shit through i vouch for him
  4. Free USA Dumps!!

    Originally Posted by Zhiqi.gOoD 5513981000126581=18011010000854 4717240004530372=17111010000000000989 4833120073537632=19062010000094800000 4833120078060176=18112010000034700000 4430440065029829=1809101133441940 5524480000885160=22082011901099800000 4039959677481826=19121200000016500000 5443308807515631=18071010000059800000 4411042504657781=19082010000023500000 4460531910696292=18051010000028100000 i hope no ones goes to jail actually tryna use these
  5. Originally Posted by obscene12 RIPPER! Invalid card number lol did u buy only one card

    please i have never get work card can any one give me live card or paypal acount please Добавлено через 1 минуту 50 секунд please please please please please please please please

    nice thanks for this