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    12 января
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  1. Очень упертых, при достижении взлома, вербуют. Или садят
  2. Персик залил на карту сбера с бонусом, вообще не ожидал такого подхода! Очень адекватный и оперативный чел, можно иметь дело
  3. please update more koreas great shop!
  4. Herme7 is the biggest rippper never deal with him or icq 3938474 look for proof he rip me $500 btc
  5. added on both jabber contacts was reading threw thread see u say its prvt now but i looking for South Korea CVV i buy bulk!
  6. was banned for no reason at all been on shop for years now smh
  7. This is a great shop guys dont sleep i just wish he updates korea cards more often besides thank its great
  8. Originally Posted by jack001 Attempt to charge 20 USD, but the show did not receive any confirmation, the BTC address is correct? I check the BTC address, apparently not the deal. its the btc network bro its very slow
  9. Originally Posted by lauris11 Just sent 25$ to my acc and get just 8$, very nice, very nice yea his fees are 8% witch are way too high just stay away from his shop bro trust
  10. Originally Posted by drewmace Well, i am surprised with all this scam allegations, been using validcc for a long time and all works fine, sometimes card doesnt work but i think it has to do with card security or maybe user dont have balance, so far..this stuff is 80% ok for use. wait till u get banned for no reason like the rest of us..
  11. hope im able to check eu cc's he has what im looking for
  12. scamm shop he posts crap cards then approves them and then bannes his members like a hoe i had purchased a 50$ cc from him all dead i end up buying one cc that didnt have cvv when it should as i was buying from base with cvv. some how the card is approved?? i contact him for replacement or refund and in result i get banned. only use this shop if u like wasting money and getting zero help on a problem that is on his end
  13. same cards as dumpkingdom24.com , goandswipe.com smh all these shits the same