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    12 августа
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  1. Big balance free cvv

  2. shutterstock.com, groupon.com plz спасибо!
  3. important update from uniccc

    Originally Posted by UniNewMX Guys Our Domain is under construction and we are sorry for your inconvenience don't be panic! We Have solution for your problem Our Next domain We Updated our all database on our new domain as we mentioned earlier on our site You guys can use our live database at unicc.mx UNICC.MX is there for you We provide 10% bonus on this reserved Domain - We work for your profit - Unicc Team More ? I think this thread should be removed altogether.
  4. Originally Posted by YoMomma000 Are most numbers valid? I just discovered Yale Not only that, Yale is currently BEST seller for cvv! Good for you for finding him!
  5. Originally Posted by GB I sometimes get 4/6 cards good from shop. But these two days !!! Smh 2/10. That’s some bad results you know. Yeah, this happened to me before even on Yale's BUT from my experience, it's much worse on other shops; even those whom say they're the BEST Still, Yale is actually BEST because most reliable bases AND willing to give buyer benefit than other vendors! So for now I suggest stick with him
  6. Thx for refund on bad cvv Yale with NO COMPLAINTS or EXCUSES! Best seller and shop right now!
  7. non vbv bin [ CA ]

    без вбв всегда нужны . рад буду принять
  8. Originally Posted by Elihu Yale It would not be a problem if everyone is working honestly towards Yale Lodge. Unfortunately there is a group of persons who tries to cheat us using auto-refund. Yes but honest carders shouldn't have to pay for the few cheaters! Just ban the cheaters like Trever does BUT have a checker please! This is why I don't use your shop anymore; because too many dead no refund cvv I lost too much money on your shop without checker (at least in the past)!
  9. Originally Posted by angel0406 good base, but sometimes fucked up cc. dead on arrival. This exactly! Legit decent shop overall BUT not best bases

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  11. Glad to see good feedback on new seller! I will check myself to see if legit...
  12. Originally Posted by ecec I dont know what you talking about dude. This site good. It was rough for me for a few weeks but prior to and now my bins been going crazy. I just had 2 pcs that stayed on for a month each. Which bins you bought? US, EU or another country? Some country bins are bad at a time!