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    6 марта
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  1. Originally Posted by Mankul this shop owner is full of shit!!!! who would pay for an invite code!? shop may not have valid fullz or even fullz that someone is looking for. NEVER pay for an invite code for a shop!! blackey is offline No better things to do instead registering accounts and posting the same thing?
  2. Nobody asked you to pay! If you don't like it don't join, you don't need to comment just to have posts! The fee is to avoid people like you and cheaters! I have high quality fullz and enough customers! I upload LOTS of fullz and people are fighting for them, so don't really need 500k customers! Or customers that can't afford 50$ registration fee, how can they pay 30 or 40$ for a full? Добавлено через 55 секунд BIG UK FuLLz Updates daily!
  3. Free registration codes: user-aMo0-WCOGDs0L user-c2zj-fDYGy9zx Добавлено через 1 минуту 44 секунды Originally Posted by Dr.Salazar good shop, good support Thank you! We are glad you like it!
  4. Free registration code! user-qT3M-w6QC4SCm Enjoy!
  5. Free registration code: user-5usq-KVHEMyP8 Enjoy!
  6. Free registration code: user-5nQh-13ijN5Tf Enjoy!
  7. If you have sent the correct amount and the transaction have 1 confirmation it will work for sure! New URLs: http://fullzstore.cc http://fullzshop.su
  8. se7en, For the fulls that the checker said "DEAD" you got auto refunded! For the one with Time OFF how could I refund you? I have a time limit with a reason, Also if you think the checker is bad why did it gave you DEAD status and refunded you? Is not my fault you purchase cheap fullz 4 months old from base "canada July" Also you got banned for you bad language.