Aura - aura@exploit.im

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1. Nickname of potential Ripper.


- Aura


2. Link to profile.


- https://darknet.la/member.php?u=15124

3. i was going to buy 300$ amazon gift card from that guy for 120$ and we agreed to usd forum escrow, so after i created escrow and puted 120 MUSD i asked him to send the code so i can check it and complete the deal he said that he sent it but i only can see it after i click complete payment so he was going to scam me and send nothing after i click complete deal please check screenshots and logs


Please also cancel my escrow topic so i can take my money back




4. Contacts (Jabber/ICQ)




5. Post FULL logs (from start to end)


(9:06:01 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: hello

(9:06:36 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: need amazon gift codes

(9:06:41 PM) aura@exploit.im: hi

(9:07:16 PM) aura@exploit.im: 5 mins i dont have now

(9:07:29 PM) aura@exploit.im: but exchange rewards on sites like points.com

(9:08:44 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ok

(9:09:11 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: what are you selling

(9:11:17 PM) aura@exploit.im: hotels and flight tickets mostly but sometimes trading the rewards for codes like amazon and bestbuy

(9:11:52 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: oh you trade the rewards of miles right ?

(9:12:34 PM) aura@exploit.im: no, gift rewards of hotel accs like marriot

(9:14:21 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: when you will have amazon ?

(9:15:13 PM) aura@exploit.im: how much u need or u cashier full time buying?

(9:15:19 PM) aura@exploit.im: and %?

(9:15:41 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: i need about 500-1000$ daily or maybe more

(9:15:55 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: i pay 50-60%

(9:25:07 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: can u get ?

(9:25:40 PM) aura@exploit.im: no its too much

(9:25:50 PM) aura@exploit.im: i can trade 300 now dont have more points

(9:26:02 PM) aura@exploit.im: next week update from logs maybe will have

(9:26:09 PM) aura@exploit.im: now can get 300 amazon gift

(9:26:34 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: well i can take it for 40%

(9:27:12 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: for 120$

(9:27:18 PM) aura@exploit.im: u said 50-60=)

(9:27:23 PM) aura@exploit.im: 150 common

(9:27:28 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: this is a small amount bro

(9:27:40 PM) aura@exploit.im: ok

(9:27:48 PM) aura@exploit.im: escrow comission on u

(9:27:53 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: sure

(9:28:23 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: can u get it ready now ?

(9:28:48 PM) aura@exploit.im: yes its ready in one min

(9:33:23 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ok how we can use forum escrow

(9:34:18 PM) aura@exploit.im: u need exchabge btc to musd its forums curency

(9:34:33 PM) aura@exploit.im: then create escrow thread

(9:34:39 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: give me link please

(9:36:48 PM) aura@exploit.im: http://darknet4wraumez4.onion/forumdisplay.php?f=72

(9:36:53 PM) aura@exploit.im: i use tor link

(9:36:56 PM) aura@exploit.im: forumdisplay.php?f=72

(9:37:20 PM) aura@exploit.im: here its escrow thread and exchange btc to musd in cashout services section

(9:37:49 PM) aura@exploit.im: code ready got it

(9:38:05 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ok

(9:39:30 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: the problem it's all in russian i don't speak russian :(

(9:42:46 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: here ?

(9:43:20 PM) aura@exploit.im: yes restarted

(9:45:45 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ur name on forum aura ?

(9:45:54 PM) aura@exploit.im: yes

(9:46:00 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ok

(9:46:05 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: from where i can load my musd

(9:46:34 PM) aura@exploit.im: go cash out services

(9:46:40 PM) aura@exploit.im: theres many exchangers

(9:46:44 PM) aura@exploit.im: i use carousel

(9:51:12 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: profile link please

(9:51:16 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: your

(9:54:04 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: give me your profile link

(9:54:06 PM) aura@exploit.im: http://darknet4wraumez4.onion/showthread.php?t=123 this exchanger

(9:54:12 PM) aura@exploit.im: http://darknet4wraumez4.onion/member.php?u=15124 this is mine

(9:55:32 PM) aura@exploit.im: whats ur nickname?

(9:55:36 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: undead

(9:57:21 PM) aura@exploit.im: u do hotels also?

(9:57:24 PM) aura@exploit.im: form payment?

(9:58:02 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: yes i do hotels

(9:59:42 PM) aura@exploit.im: by forms or agencys?

(10:00:09 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: agency points logs etc

(10:00:14 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: what u mean by forms ?

(10:00:38 PM) aura@exploit.im: direct to hotel, third party payment form

(10:00:51 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: oh third

(10:15:44 PM) aura@exploit.im: i see escrow thread but no money in it

(10:15:57 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: yeah waiting him

(10:15:59 PM) aura@exploit.im: u need upload musd

(10:16:00 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: to send the payment

(10:16:05 PM) aura@exploit.im: ok

(10:22:28 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: https://darknet.la/showthread.php?t=11076

(10:24:39 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: hello ?!

(10:27:21 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ok send code

(10:27:22 PM) aura@exploit.im: i accepted and entered code on privatenote

(10:27:26 PM) aura@exploit.im: User offer: 120$

Pending agreement on the part of the author

(10:27:42 PM) aura@exploit.im: its send in same link

(10:27:43 PM) aura@exploit.im: https://darknet.la/showthread.php?t=11076

(10:28:23 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: i cant ssee the code

(10:28:24 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ) ?!

(10:29:16 PM) aura@exploit.im: sec

(10:31:03 PM) aura@exploit.im: https://darknet.la/showthread.php?t=11076

(10:31:27 PM) aura@exploit.im: u dont see code here?

(10:32:24 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: no i dont

(10:32:24 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: !

(10:34:32 PM) aura@exploit.im: few min i ask

(10:35:47 PM) aura@exploit.im: u didnt press accept deal like me thats why dont see privatenote link

(10:35:56 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: Hello

(10:36:06 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: iam not a fool

(10:36:14 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: you must write there that code

(10:36:22 PM) aura@exploit.im: its escrow without ur agree i cant cash out escrow

(10:36:24 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: then after i check it i accept

(10:36:27 PM) aura@exploit.im: me too no fool

(10:36:35 PM) aura@exploit.im: i write u withdraw

(10:36:40 PM) aura@exploit.im: and cabcel escrow without agree

(10:36:43 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: well i just asked the exchanger

(10:36:53 PM) aura@exploit.im: 337788?

(10:37:04 PM) aura@exploit.im: carousel exchanger?

(10:37:41 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: just want to ask because first time i use escrow service, if iam creating escrow thread with another use, for example iam buying gift code, should i click complete deal after he send the code or before

(10:33:04 PM) 337788@draugr.de: when he will send to u gift code u can click coplete the deal u r absolutely right

(10:37:50 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: see what i asked him and what's his answer

(10:38:06 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: and man i just used escrow with him when i i bought the 120 MUSD

(10:38:11 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: so i know how its works

(10:38:55 PM) aura@exploit.im: yes he is right and i press accept code

(10:38:58 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: if u don't have the code just stop wasting our time and tell me

(10:39:30 PM) aura@exploit.im: without after u complete u get link selfdestroying privatenote shluld copy

(10:39:34 PM) aura@exploit.im: dude

(10:39:42 PM) aura@exploit.im: my third time using escrow

(10:39:54 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: give me screensshot

(10:39:57 PM) aura@exploit.im: u should press button check code and write in thread

(10:39:59 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: of what u see in ur thread

(10:40:00 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: ))

(10:40:05 PM) aura@exploit.im: min

(10:40:08 PM) aura@exploit.im: ill show u

(10:40:42 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: this what u write

(10:40:43 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: deal accepted code sent

(10:40:49 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: and i didn't get anycode from u

(10:44:29 PM) aura@exploit.im: postimg.org/image/6x1malcin/

(10:44:35 PM) aura@exploit.im: see!

(10:44:52 PM) aura@exploit.im: i sent the code u get it after accepting

(10:45:10 PM) aura@exploit.im: dude if u worrying about some scam from my side then forget deal

(10:45:20 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: wait

(10:45:26 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: i will show to the exchanger

(10:45:28 PM) aura@exploit.im: i cant cash out money untill u check code and let me cashout

(10:45:35 PM) aura@exploit.im: sure

(10:47:45 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: i just ask him and he said you must send me the code, after i check i click on compelete payment, and he said if he refuse to do that then report him in scam

(10:48:09 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: because my 120$ is pending and i can't take it back

(10:48:41 PM) aura@exploit.im: dude i did that! cancel the deal now as if u received code fooling me here

(10:48:48 PM) aura@exploit.im: u must click accept

(10:48:53 PM) aura@exploit.im: after check let me cash out

(10:48:56 PM) aura@exploit.im: noob

(10:49:25 PM) aura@exploit.im: go read rules

(10:49:27 PM) aura@exploit.im: I wrote exchanger also

(10:49:29 PM) aura@exploit.im: told him to explain u

(10:51:46 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: Ops

(10:52:15 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: someone trying to scam me and posting him as scammer in forum now

(10:52:17 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: [24-01, 20:51] Amadeus  after, u can push "complete" [24-01, 20:51] Amadeus  he must send you code [24-01, 20:51] Amadeus  undead, nope

(10:52:36 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: goodbye ripper

(10:53:29 PM) aura@exploit.im: omg u r such a noob lol

(10:53:31 PM) aura@exploit.im: waiting ur excuses soon

(10:53:47 PM) undead@jwchat.org/179643713375999474381485271859256332: sure sure have fun in ripperss section

6. Any other useful information (screenshots, screenshots of payments, etc.)


screenshots of chat logs http://prnt.sc/dzvsrj , http://prnt.sc/dzvtfk

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Я конечно такими людьми как aura поражаюсь ,Он и гифты продает,он и отели делает и авиа и еще успевает заниматься обналом .На все руки мастер))

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