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Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am pleased to welcome you to my new online store! For a long time we have been working in the shadows and now we have decided to go into the light!

More than 4 years of sales, we have worked in manual mode. And now I have decided to do for your convenience online shop KTM!!!


TOR link 5uopl3rv2naaimv3.onion


Now registration is open and free of charge, later we will close it!

All the materials in this store are exclusively from first-hand, we do not take the base for implementation, we produce the material ourselves!!!



You can write all your questions and suggestions in tickets. Our admin will answer you as soon as possible and will solve all your problems.

We do discounts for our regular customers. We will be happy for a long cooperation with you! We hope you will like our stuff!!!




Price for USA:

classic, standart-15$

gold platina-20$

corp sig bis prem-25$

world card-30$



EU, WORLD, ASIA 50$-300$


Terms of Service:

• We do appreciate everyones business and treat with proper attitude. No minimum order, You can buy even 1 pc.

• We are not responsible for cards balanse

• Invalid cards replace time - 20 hour for US, 2 hour for EU.

• We can deny an access to our service with no any explanation

• WE do NOT provide any Moneyback, only replace.

• Once You buy dumps at our shop, You automatically agree with all the rules and terms.

• We are NOT responsible for REGION LOCK mismatch

• Complete rules read in the store


We accept:


Money Gram

Western Union

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome you

Finish new update

Valid rate 99% super material


also available wholesale

Good luck to you

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posmtorel prices china $ 130-250 for the money , and even cheaper hanging pin mat in other shops , the admin is clearly inadequate and has said that the mat one hand , conventional reseller and besides also still greedy




посмторел цены на китай 130-250 $ за такие деньги и даже дешевле висит пиновый мат в других шопах, админ явно неадекватный и еще говорит что мат из 1 рук, обычный реселлер да и к тому же еще и жадный до нельзя.


Добавлено через 4 минуты 10 секунд

вообщем цены нереальные дампы которым цена 30-40 баксов у него висят по 200-300 и это безпиновый материал, этот селлер либо даун либо рипер.



In general, prices unrealistic dumps which 30-40 dollars price he hang on 200-300 and it bezpinovy ​​material , the Celler or down or ripper .

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