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-Nice name : senfore


-Profile : https://darknet.la/member.php?u=14784


-he said he can cashout paypal login and i got nothing after i sent him the login


-Jabber : geety@jabber.cz


-screenshots of full logs http://imgur.com/a/Nspxt



Conversation with geety@jabber.cz/SONY-PC

(4:37:32 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: hello do u cashout pp ?

(4:38:09 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i can send funds that takes 2 weeks to chargeback but my % is 65%

(4:39:36 AM) geety@jabber.cz: 2 weeks is too far

(4:40:06 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: yes i know and thats so good

(4:40:28 AM) geety@jabber.cz: amount

(4:40:36 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ?

(4:40:47 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: 200-300-400 each payment

(4:40:55 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: can do 2-3 payments or more daily

(4:41:39 AM) geety@jabber.cz: you can do 5- 10 payment

(4:41:55 AM) geety@jabber.cz: becos 2-3payment for 2week is small

(4:43:17 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: man

(4:43:22 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: do you understand English

(4:43:24 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: hello

(4:43:46 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i said its will dont ask for chargeback for long time

(4:43:55 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: and i can send 2-3 payments everyday

(4:44:40 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ok

(4:44:52 AM) geety@jabber.cz: 2-3 payment of 400 $

(4:45:06 AM) geety@jabber.cz: everyday for 2weeks

(4:45:11 AM) geety@jabber.cz: Right..

(4:45:14 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ?

(4:45:16 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: pffffffffffffffffffffffff

(4:45:25 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: NEver mind about the 2 weeks

(4:45:28 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: remove it

(4:45:36 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i can send 2-3 payments daily

(4:45:42 AM) geety@jabber.cz: explain better

(4:45:56 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: I can send 2-3 payments of 200-400$ daily

(4:46:23 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: and i take 65%

(4:46:26 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: u take 35%

(4:48:18 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ok.

(4:48:19 AM) geety@jabber.cz: it will be instant

(4:50:13 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: yes

(4:50:21 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: instant payment

(4:50:25 AM) geety@jabber.cz: yes

(4:50:35 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: and you will send my 65% instant ?

(4:50:57 AM) geety@jabber.cz: Yes,

(4:51:13 AM) geety@jabber.cz: But that just too small sum of amount.

(4:51:38 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: is your paypal accounts you using

(4:51:46 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: have old history and can receive payments ?

(4:52:55 AM) geety@jabber.cz: yes can received payment and also attached to my banks

(4:53:11 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: ok

(4:53:25 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: in how long you will send Bitcoin

(4:53:30 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: after i send you the payment ?

(4:54:44 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i can send alot of payments

(4:54:52 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: but i need to test you first that's all

(4:56:04 AM) geety@jabber.cz: You will get btc in 5-10 hours immediately after i cashout

(4:56:04 AM) geety@jabber.cz: if u can send alot of payment, but i do not want small amount

(4:56:04 AM) geety@jabber.cz: I will want 4- 6k

(4:57:12 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i will try my best to send as much as i can

(4:57:19 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ok

(4:57:30 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: do you use escrow ?

(4:58:19 AM) geety@jabber.cz: yes, if i demand so much funds with several account paypal. i can give you advance paymeny btc

(4:58:24 AM) geety@jabber.cz: understand

(4:58:52 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i want to test you for 1 payment first

(4:59:07 AM) geety@jabber.cz: yes, i understand

(4:59:22 AM) geety@jabber.cz: But shuld be from 4-6k

(4:59:38 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: well if you can put my 65% in escrow

(4:59:40 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i can do it )

(5:00:06 AM) geety@jabber.cz: why the )

(5:00:11 AM) geety@jabber.cz: i am serious

(5:00:14 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: iam too

(5:00:19 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: its first time we deal

(5:00:26 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i will test you with 400-600$ payment

(5:01:48 AM) geety@jabber.cz: i can even make withdraw with pp logs

(5:07:33 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: so if i give you account with 5k balance

(5:07:36 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: you can cashout it ?

(5:07:52 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: only email and password of paypal

(5:08:10 AM) geety@jabber.cz: yes. i can

(5:10:05 AM) geety@jabber.cz: also with it IP / socks/ clean RDP

(5:11:38 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: account country is USA state TX

(5:11:59 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ok

(5:12:07 AM) geety@jabber.cz: its has ip

(5:12:12 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ur u have clean rdp

(5:12:32 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i can buy clean rdp same state fine

(5:12:45 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ok good

(5:12:50 AM) geety@jabber.cz: do that now

(5:14:36 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: yes but can u put money in escrow or pay upfront ?

(5:15:11 AM) geety@jabber.cz: dont trouble yourself, find small balance and give me clean rdp

(5:22:26 AM) geety@jabber.cz: 1-2k balance

(5:22:42 AM) geety@jabber.cz: or 200 - 500 balance

(5:27:55 AM) geety@jabber.cz: u find small balance

(5:38:13 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i have one with 500$ balance but i dont have rdp or socks for it

(5:38:22 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: maybe u can buy rdp for it

(5:38:56 AM) geety@jabber.cz: u must know a good ip that will work for it

(5:38:58 AM) geety@jabber.cz: send it

(5:39:56 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: br*******n@gmail.com


1102 E. Juniper, OTHELLO, WA, 99344


(5:43:09 AM) geety@jabber.cz: find me

(5:43:17 AM) geety@jabber.cz: clean socks or rdp

(5:50:43 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i dont have rdp or socks for it

(5:50:51 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: u said send it

(5:53:56 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ok

(5:54:02 AM) geety@jabber.cz: i will make purchase

(5:54:11 AM) geety@jabber.cz: so u dont have materials for your works

(5:54:18 AM) geety@jabber.cz: rdp and socks

(5:58:22 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i told u before i send

(5:58:25 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: and u said send it

(5:58:33 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i dont have an rdp or socks for that account

(5:58:47 AM) geety@jabber.cz: i have

(5:58:51 AM) geety@jabber.cz: i just bought now

(5:58:53 AM) geety@jabber.cz: rdp

(5:58:55 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: ok

(5:59:05 AM) geety@jabber.cz: we work in team

(5:59:24 AM) geety@jabber.cz: we will help each other ok

(5:59:25 AM) geety@jabber.cz: here is Davidhaag41@gmail.com

(5:59:29 AM) geety@jabber.cz: PP

(5:59:37 AM) geety@jabber.cz: but send good amount,

(5:59:55 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i will dont send before test

(6:00:02 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: or escrow or upfront

(6:00:06 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: u have the test now

(6:00:31 AM) geety@jabber.cz: what test

(6:00:32 AM) geety@jabber.cz: ?

(6:00:37 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: the account i sent to u

(6:00:41 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: waiting u to cashout it

(6:00:53 AM) geety@jabber.cz: oh, look at you,

(6:01:10 AM) geety@jabber.cz: i just gave u a special accounts for 8yrs now

(6:01:14 AM) geety@jabber.cz: this PP

(6:01:40 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: iam not sending anything before you cashout this account

(6:01:45 AM) geety@jabber.cz: the pp u sent me i will try to take it to a shop if they will remove money

(6:01:46 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i can trust u zero feedbacks

(6:01:48 AM) geety@jabber.cz: Understand now !!!!!!!!!

(6:01:57 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: and u dont want use escrow or pay upfront

(6:02:16 AM) geety@jabber.cz: I will use read up

(6:02:22 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: ok

(6:07:26 AM) geety@jabber.cz: Listen, i make several cashout on banks akk

(6:07:49 AM) geety@jabber.cz: I have a trusted team and partners

(6:07:53 AM) geety@jabber.cz: I just gave u a good PP account

(6:08:02 AM) geety@jabber.cz: to see or test your service

(6:08:22 AM) geety@jabber.cz: if u can not trust me u can go away

(6:08:32 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: i gave u account with 500$ balance cash it out

(6:08:35 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: or i will post as scammer

(6:09:02 AM) geety@jabber.cz: post scammer .. i will post back

(6:09:10 AM) geety@jabber.cz: check it

(6:09:14 AM) geety@jabber.cz: did i touch it

(6:09:22 AM) geety@jabber.cz: check ur fucking 500

(6:09:23 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: why you asked for the fucking account if you cant cash it out

(6:09:28 AM) geety@jabber.cz: are u stupid or what

(6:09:38 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: nvm after u found that u cant cashout it u writing to me

(6:09:42 AM) undead@dukgo.com/6dd11a7f-289e-4630-b78e-78ff746e5a11: posing as ripper good bye

geety@jabber.cz is typing...

- this guy told me he can cashout paypal logins, He dont accept escrow or pay upfront, so i sent him test login to cashout with ~500$ balance, i told him i dont have rdp or socks5 for it he said send it, later he started shit talk as you see in logs and never sent my 65%


screenshots of full logs http://imgur.com/a/Nspxt

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